Top 20 interventions d’ experts en 2014

En ce début d’année 2015, nous vous proposons un classement des articles les plus populaires sur bonjour idée en 2014 par domaine.
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Voici les 20 interventions d’experts les plus populaires en 2014.
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{article expert} B to B : les acteurs publics sont-ils des clients comme les autres ?

Kokou Adzo

Kokou is a fervent advocate for the seamless fusion of business and technology, he has always been at the forefront of innovation. Graduating from two esteemed European institutions, the University of Siena in Italy and the University of Rennes in France, he mastered the nuances of Communications and Political Science. With a diverse educational background, Kokou consistently offers insights that reflect his deep understanding of the modern digital landscape shaped by both commerce and governance. Those who have the privilege to read his pieces or collaborate with him are invariably inspired by his vision of a world where business meets tech not just at the crossroads of necessity but at the pinnacle of innovation.


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