The Workshop Tonic, a revolutionary wholesale platform for creators

Tinka is the founder of The apster / Workshoptonic. He studied graphic design and served as a commercial agent for more than 5 years in the interior design industry and also created his own showroom. His idea came with the desire to promote the young talented generation of designers into the market, and therefore decided to create a platform that would provide them with all the necessary web communication and marketing tools to develop their brand.

Due to a 10 years successful experience in the field of the interior design industry, The apster /Workshoptonic perfectly knows the implications of the market and its idea is the result of a long and careful consideration.

The project consists in the development of a revolutionary wholesale platform intended for professionals such as architects, interior designers, retailers, distributors, small designers and young brands to do business online.

The goal is to create a direct connection between manufacturers and purchasers on a global scale without intermediate.
This way, the search for products is easy, intuitive and playful.

Our ultimate objective is to promote and support the emerging generation of talented designers through this platform in the form of an annual subscription, the Campaign Kit.

The formula will offer them several personalized options to develop and expand their sales network and worldwide visibility.

We will also provide them with all the necessary web marketing and communication tools as well as the commercial representation of their products in France and abroad, depending on their own needs and expectations.

This very new working approach imagined and conceived by The apster / Workshoptonic appears to be the most complete and relevant formula to promote the brands into the market.

 Our success factors are :

A long experience in marketing and communication, a wide network of designers, retailers, architects, design offices, interior designers and distributors, a sense of management, a perfect mastery of English and Spanish languages and a long-established experience in the interior design industry.

Our factor differentiating is a formula in the form of an annual pack that was created for the designers, to provide them with all the necessary marketing and communication tools, the best strategy advisors and a considerable increase of their sales, all that through a sophisticated platform.

At the moment that kind of offer does not exist on the market. 

To make money, the idea is to make the designers pay for our subscription service and to get a commission on their sales.

 There are many competitors on the market of the interior design industries, since there are a lot of marketplaces that offer the possibility to make business online. Nonetheless, not only does our offer combine a market place, but is also makes available a revolutionary platform and a sales agency service.

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