Prostadine Reviews – Do the Ingredients Work as Promised?

Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer among men. Cancer starts manifesting when cells in body parts start growing uncontrollably. From the origin point, it spreads to other body parts. Prostate cancer begins when cells in the prostate gland start to grow wildly. The gland is only present in men producing an amount of seminal fluid, so it is the second most prevalent cancer type. Seminal vesicles are located just rear of the prostate gland producing a significant part of semen. The urethra is a pipeline that flushes out semen, and urine from the outer body runs through the prostate.

Oncogenes, Tumor Suppressor Genes

The exact cause of prostate cancer is unknown to the medical searcher, but a specific risk factor is associated with this ailment. On the cellular level, alteration in the DNA of a normal prostate cell causes cancerous growth; DNA is the basic fabrication of genes and regulates cell functions. Specific genes that aid cells to grow, split and survive are known as oncogenes, while tumor suppressor genes facilitate cells to develop controllably, repair damage in DNA, and subside at the right time. DNA mutation or another type of alteration that keeps oncogenes alive or inhibits tumor suppressor genes can cause malignant growth. Secondary factors that might cause prostate cancer are lifestyle, exposure to radiation, and diet.

High Concentration of Calcium and Magnesium

Prostadine is a dietary supplement that operates as a prostate complex formulated to control prostrate functions, detoxify the urinary tract and support better bladder regulations. According to creators and other research papers, high levels of calcium and magnesium in drinking water can cause prostate cancer. Water containing a high concentration of calcium and magnesium ions is termed high water and can have traces of other dissolved metals. These dissolved metals are absorbed in the body and, over time, increase toxicity, increasing the potential of prostate cancer. To avoid contamination, individual water consumption should be sourced from secure, safe water supplies.

Prostadine is an effective tool to cleanse the accumulated toxins in the body, maintaining and protecting optimal urinary tract and prostate functions. The organic ingredients of Prostadine play a critical role in preventing prostate cancer.

Nori Yaki Extract (10gm)

It is a seaweed extract and a staple diet in countries like Japan and Korea, enriched with protein and vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K. High content of polysaccharides (PS) is a dietary fiber found in Nori Yaki that is believed to support bladder functions. The anti-inflammatory property of polysaccharides decrease inflammation in the prostate and urinary tract and perform as prebiotics supporting the growth of good bacteria in the gut and digestive system. They reduce irritation and infection in the bladder, promoting bladder health. Nori Yaki extract also contains iodine and has been used as a traditional herb in the Asian region.

Wakame Extracts (10gm)

It is the second seaweed extract rich in potentially bioactive components used in Prostadine. The extract is enriched with minerals like iodine, magnesium, calcium, manganese, and folate and with antibacterial properties and is essentially helpful against multidrug-resistant urinary tract bacteria. The high iodine content supports an optimal thyroid function that activates protein synthesis, metabolism, and cell repair. In one gram of Wakame, 42 mcg of iodine satisfies 28% of iodine RDI. Animal studies reveal administration of Wakame extract in rats inhibits the growth and spread of breast, kidney, and colon cancer cells.

Kelp (10gm)

It is another seaweed product used as a powder in Prostadine enriched with minerals ten times more than plants cultivated on the soil. It contains calcium, magnesium, and iodine, which are essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid, and iodine is not produced in the human body. Inadequate iodine hinders some hormone synthesis, a condition known as hypothyroidism. The seaweed also contains a mineral named vanadium that reduces symptoms of type two diabetes. It is also stated kelp contains flavonoids and Carotenoids that reduce the number of disease-causing free radicals and the negative impact of oxidative stress.

Iodine (275mcg)

Iodine is crucial for thyroid hormone synthesis that aids metabolism and cell protein generation. Insufficient iodine in pregnant women can undyingly harm the fetus by spectacular growth, mental retard, and deferred sexual development. Less severe iodine deficiency causes lower than average IQ in children and infants and cognitive disorder in adults; another visible symptom is goiter (enlarged thyroid gland). In men, iodine deficiency can result in mental impairment, dehydrated skin, hair loss, high cholesterol, mood swing, low metabolism, and erectile dysfunction.

Shilajit (5mg)

A benzoic compound found in Shilajit promotes gut health and fights against inflammation. It is a sticky substance derived from Himalayan rock assumed to increase testosterone levels in male sperm count and semen viscosity. The bioactive ingredients of Shilajit are supposed to improve cognitive ability and brain functioning in an adult male. It is also believed it inhibits the aging process and increases life span.


Nimbolide is one of the essential bioactive compounds of neem with potent anticancer property antidote for several types of cancer, and possesses potential chemopreventive attributes. It is a native plant of tropical regions such as India, where bark, leaf, flower, and fruit have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. The leaf treats leprosy, ulcer, skin allergy, stomach pain, intestinal worm, eye ailment, gum infection, and heart and cardiovascular diseases. Neem bark treats fever, body aches, malaria, and skin disease. The fruit extract helps treat various conditions, including urinary tract infections, diabetes, leprosy, diabetes, and eye disorder.

Shipping and Price

The price of one unit of Prostadine costs $69, and a pack of three costs $59 each and is shipped free within the US within five to seven working days. Transport outside the US requires an additional shipping charge of $15.95. Moreover, the product comes with a sixty days money-back guarantee if the user is not satisfied with the product. The stipulated time starts from the shipping date.

Detoxify Body

The organic product is formulated to detoxify the body from accumulated dissolved metals from hard water drinking. The clinical report does not testify to this property of the product, mainly when concentrations of dissolved minerals are high. But most extracts from seaweed and herbs contribute to prostate and urinary tract wellness. As the inflammation of the prostate gland is reduced after taking Prostadine, the potency of prostate cancer reduces significantly.


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