What Is An Axe Throwing Party?

If you are bored with monotonous get-togethers and want to try something unusual with your friends, organize an exciting axe throwing party. This is an excellent opportunity to release pent-up energy and unite in exciting, friendly competition.

Axe throwing party is an excellent format for any holiday, such as a birthday, a friendly party, the end of the school year, and so on. To organize any holiday, contact the company manager and discuss the conditions for axe throwing reservations. Everyone present will want to take part in an active event.

How to play: simple rules for an exciting activity

The essence of the game is to throw at targets. The ax should be aimed at a round board to hit the target. The principle is reminiscent of archery and darts. Depending on the targets hit, the participant is awarded points. The one who scores the most points wins.

There are several game scenarios:

  • elimination axe throwing until the last player remains;
  • each team competes for more points;
  • costume party: winner gets extra round;
  • various targets: with balloons, piñata, and others.

How to play? The participant takes the starting position, steps back, and raises the axe with both hands behind his head. You should take a deep breath, concentrate on the target, and throw the object.

Axe throwing requires no prior preparation or training. Anyone present will master the rules in a couple of game rounds. Such a pastime develops strength, striking accuracy, and concentration. This is a therapy that helps relieve stress.

Party Ideas

Axe throwing can be organized at any active event. It’s fun and increases player cohesion. So, let’s begin:

  1. Entertainment for office workers. Friendly competition will significantly boost morale. This method can be included in your daily exercise in the office. In addition to the workout, participants are guaranteed to get a good mood boost.
  2. Birthday. Don’t know how to surprise a teenager? Book him an axe throwing event. He and his guests will enjoy this activity and distract them from gadgets.
  3. Date. A romantic meeting may be banal, but spending it in such an unexpected place is better. Here, you won’t have to get bored and come up with a topic for conversation.
  4. Bachelor party. How else can you prove your alpha mastery? Only in the process of competition for real men! You can have a glass or two of your favorite drink during breaks. By the way, this event is also popular at bachelorette parties.
  5. High school graduation. Young people are pretty tired of traditional trips to a restaurant. The best alternative is to spend time actively.

There can be any reason for such a party. The most important things are activity and a good mood.


An axe throwing party would be an unusual event that could happen to you. Here, you can chat with family and friends and make new acquaintances in a relaxed atmosphere. No one will be bored.

Specialists will provide detailed advice and offer a play area.


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