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Launched in 2015 by college friends Collins Mesongo, Tesh Mbaabu and Emmanuel Miriti, Cloud9xp is an online retailer and booking service for leisure experiences. We realized that there is such a wide range of fun activities to enjoy in this continent. However, most people lack information about them or an easy way to book for the same and experience providers/operators lose out on potential revenue.

Leveraging on our Computer Science background and backed up by our spirit for adventure, we set out to create a web and mobile platform where leisure seekers would easily explore, find and book fun things to do. 

We came up with the mantra “High On Life”, as we believe that everyone deserves to have fun, feel good and be happy. 

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Your products and services 

We curate and highlight top leisure experiences for you to partake from wherever you are in the world, across different countries, categories and styles – including but not limited to :

Adventure & Outdoors, Water Sports, Foodie, Festivals & Concerts, Indoor Fun, Extreme Sports, Driving, Flying, Shooting, Corporate, Getaways, Luxury, Budget and Birthday experiences.





Your success factors 

We are fully focused on leisure and realize that times have changed. Leisure seekers now just want to go online, find, book, and pay and for an experience and go enjoy. No phone calls or long waits for confirmation. 

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

Normally, leisure seekers would either browse all over the internet to find amazing places or things to do and then get in touch with travel agents; to plan and reserve their trips. We aggregate a wide range of experiences across different categories and make them available at exactly the cost you would pay the experience provider, all on one platform. 

As an intermediary between the many destinations and leisure seekers all year round, we also guarantee free exchanges in case you are unable to make it for a pre-booked experience. 

Your business model  

We take a 10% commission out of every experience booked through our website. 

A few words about your competitors

Regionally, we face competition from numerous classical tours and travel companies offering packages that involve leisure and experiences, mostly offline. However, we will ensure the best infrastructure is employed to ensure seamless processes including search and discovery, recommendations, reviews, bookings and payments to ensure we always ahead of the game. 

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