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I discovered the business opportunity when I was working with my church as an Administrator. Everybody has one gift or the other that needed to be exploring if opportunity is given to them at the right time. I started by decorating my church alter when the person that suppose did the decoration didn’t come on time, then I discover that I have the gift which I have never knew I had. From then, I move on to be train and be well equipping on event management properly. And I have made up my mind to be an entrepreneur right from my childhood so as to create job to others and to empower as many that come my way.

Your products and services 

 C-G Concept Event Management is an Event Planning, Entertainment and Protocol Management. C-G Concept Event Management render services in the followings: Wedding ceremonies, Naming ceremonies, Family reunion, Award ceremonies, Graduation ceremonies, Birthday parties, Workshop/Seminars, Annual General Meeting and Political campaigns etc.

Your success factors 

Against all challenge been face as a startup business, C-G Concept has been able to maintain the standard and purpose for which it was created. We have been able to give best services to our clients in the past one year and have be able to maintain a standard relationship with them. Part of the success factor is that we are a register business with legal backup to operate. With little equipment as a start-up business, yet we have been able to meet our standard and have not turn down our clients.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

The following will be the innovation/technology to be introduced:

  1. C-G Concept CEO is an expert in computer. C-G Concept is already creating a Facebook page, Blogs and plan on create website too for the business in other to reach out to more or target audience. With these social media advert, we will be able to reach out to more people and to have record of every of our service uploaded for the outlook of our clients.
  2. C-G Concept will be introducing the use of bulk SMS as part of our services to help our client contact their guest concerning the event details.
  3. C-G Concept have already design a working planner form that contain all details with contact information for event and how event should be run for our client to reduce the stress that come with event. We will be the one to carry the stress of the event while our client relax and enjoy their money in our service to them.
  4. C-G Concept will also provide EVENT PLANNING DIAGRAMS of the venue which is presented to the customer before-hand. This service is part of the event planning protocol and comes at no cost to the customer.
  5. C-G Concept will also pride itself of designing creative themes and decorations that thrills the guests. Our concepts are out of the box and unique; bringing a whole new vision in the event.

Your business model (how do you make money?)

C-G Concept will be making its money through the followings stream:
1. Event services: wedding, Graduation party, Naming ceremony, Award ceremony etc)

2. Rental service: canopies, Tents, chairs, tables etc

3. Consultation service: Business consultation and event consultation service to our clients

A few words about your competitors

Our major competitors in Jos, Plateau State includes:

  • Renny Baloons
  • A Prime Events
  • Blessed Decorations
  • Birtu Best Events
  • Raceco Rental and Events

C-G CONCEPT Event Management will position itself as a multi-niche service event planner serving the Plateau State corporate market and social events market. The Plateau State market will recognize the value that C-G CONCEPT provides with its specialized services. C-G CONCEPT will leverage its competitive edge to achieve the desired positioning.

C-G CONCEPT’s competitive edge will be based on two factors, specialization and strategic relationships. C-G CONCEPT Event will participate in virtually all the market segments of Event planning. Being a young company, C-G CONCEPT will not specialize strictly in a particular segment as this will water down her aggregate market size especially as it concerns Unit Market Share. Improvements that C-G CONCEPT Event Management strives for are a reduction in cost charged to the client and an improvement to the level of services offered.

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