Greentech Kenya : manufacturing and selling of organic fertilizer

 The founder is Francis Wanjohi who is a graduate of agricultural biotechnology and a former biology teacher. He is passionate about promoting farming using organic fertilizer.

Your products and services 

 Organic fertilizer

Your success factors 

 Increasing soil acidity due to inorganic fertilizers has lead to a continued decline in agricultural productivity. There is high demand for a solution, which is shifting to the use of organic fertilizers.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

 Organic fertilizers can restore soil fertility by improving the soil structure, chemical composition and water holding capacity. It also offers a good environment for soil microorganisms to grow. Low nutrient content of the organic fertilizer can be supplemented with a decreasing amount of inorganic fertilizer until the soil fertility is completely restored.

Your business model

 By manufacturing and selling of high quality organic fertilizer. We will use modern technology from Hungary that is environmentally friendly and highly efficient.

A few words about your competitors

 They are limited by the use of traditional composting methods which produce low quality organic fertilizer at small quantities.

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