CARFIT : providing predictive maintenance through vibration analysis

CARFIT was founded by Nicolas OLIVIER and Peter HAUSER in 2016, in Portland. We got our start in wearables, working on devices like connected watches, fitness bands, and payment bands. While working on an algorithm to detect the wearer’s exercise type, we realized that this technology could revolutionize car ownership. After that, CARFIT quickly became a reality.

Your products and services 

The CARFIT platform consists of :

  • CARFIT PULS – vibration sensor
  • CARFIT App
  • CARFIT vibration library/database

Your success factors 

Years of expertise in the field of IoT and technology. Strategic partnerships with companies in the automobile/tech space. A highly sophisticated back end. Rich, existing database of vibration data.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

Unlike other solutions currently on the market that provide vehicle diagnostics, we provide a platform that is completely independent of the on-board computer. CARFIT detects Noise, Vibration, & Harshness (NVH) signatures on the key wearing parts of cars : tires, wheels, shocks & brakes. This information is sent via the smartphone app, to the car dealer/service company that installed CARFIT, and uploads it to the back-end NVH signature library. CARFIT engages machine learning and expert data scientists to mine the library for additional patterns and correlates them to known issues. The resulting NVH knowledge base will, for example, predict maintenance needs for each individual car owner or provide valuable insights to the CARFIT partner.

Your business model

We employ a B2B2C model. We’re seeking partners to implement our platform into their existing or future offerings. The true value of our platform lies in the data and insights that is collected. These insights can prove to be of incredible use to any company that chooses to use it.

A few words about your competitors

Rather than view OBD based solutions as our competitors, we see them as complimentary. No other device on the market strives to do what we do – our platform can be used to gain concrete insights into the parts of the vehicle that aren’t currently monitored by an on-board computer – the tires, wheels, shocks & brakes.

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