Benedicte Mundele Kuvuna is the founder of Surprise Tropicale; She is twenty fours years old. She studied social communication and food innovation program. She is passionate on building  and developping projects since her young age that make her to be member of many national and international organisations and assiciations such as Global Shaper Community, Kuvuna Foundation, etc. Now she is managing her project on full time Surprise Tropicale, She is passionate about this project because it is a project who has started by an real observation seing around us many peoples suffering food poverty but we are one of the largest country with food biodiversity and fertile land; This parqdox make us since 2013 to start building and founding solution to that situation. By trying to found great solutions in 2014 we have been named by Anzisha prize from Africain Leadership academy and mastercard foundation as one of the young entrepreneurs under twenty two years old in Africa.  And 2015 was a learning period for us with the tony elumelu entrepreneurship program, anzisha learning program and a master program in Italy Food Innovation Program. All those learning help us to come out with our final solution of this years that we always trying to improve with the market need and situation.

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Your products and services 

 We offer an oline service where we sell baskets of fruits and vegetables we also sell snacks: plantain chips and potatoes chips.

Your success factors 

Our sucess factors are based in the quality of our product; the diversity and the conctact with clients

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

The thing that make us different from others is that in our products are local, fresh and Good quality also in our service we also give advice to our clients in their good eating habit.

Your business model (how do you make money?)

We sell our service online and our products in super markets.

A few words about your competitors

In the market we have many imported chips comming from many country with good taste and quality but the cost is higher than the local chips, we also have local chips but many clients say: we buy your products because of the quality it is one of the best product in term of presentation and quality than other local products.

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