StartCredits : Nigeria’s loan marketplace, Nigeria’s online loan marketplace is where you go to compare and apply for the best loan rates available in your chosen loan category.

They have a comprehensive list of non-collateral loans from moneylenders, micro-finance, peer-to-peer, etc. to finance expenses including:

  • Business, – to fund your start-up
  • Education, – to pay for school fees
  • Medical- to settle unexpected bills
  • Accommodation – for rent and mortgages,
  • Weddings – to create the perfect owambe

Since its launch this year, StartCredits has been helping hundreds of thousands Nigerians to save millions of Naira in interest rate. The company is promoting financial inclusion fixing the access to credit problems in Nigeria by providing transparency and increasing competition in the loan market to reduce rates for qualified borrowers.

The number one benefit for Nigerians is the fact they will be saving significant sums of money on the interest rates they pay for loans,” said StartCredits founder Rahmon Ojukotola.

“Why waste time travelling to all the banks? Visit and start saving money on interest rates today”

StartCredits recently launched a novel credit score model that enables Nigerians to improve their scores by reading educational articles and taking financial tests. The SC score will prove their worthiness to lenders, help to reduce their predicted probability of default and give users access to more loans.

They utilize big data analytics to build innovative credits risk models to help facilitate affordable lending to underserved qualified borrowers. It simplifies the lending process, hence it didn’t come as a surprise when Mr Ojukotola in a recent interview said the response has been positive so far “Our model enables new ways of assessing credit risk through substantiated borrower behavior data,”.

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