K.S.D.N Farms: produces food in a cheaper and more efficient way.

The founder of K.S.D.N Farms, Success Daniel Ndu is a 19 year old Student-Entrepreneur.
He is a tenacious personae with a strong will to win and a soft spot for humanity.
This soft spot for humanity is what brought about the idea for a business , that tries to cater for the primary needs of Nigeria’s economy.
The company started operation on the 27th of July, 2016 in a very small way but has since recorded growths against all odds.
The idea for the company came specifically from the urge to solve the problem of Food security and Job security in Nigeria. 
The founder is a student of the University of Benin, Nigeria , studying Agricultural Economics and Extension services and hopes to continue growing the company to greater heights.

Your products and services 

We have a wide range of product and services, our services mainly deal with ways to produce food in a cheaper, more efficient way.
We majorly operate a Catfish hatchery presently where we undertake production of African Catfish Fingerlings (Clarias gariepinus) at a cheaper rate which we then sell to local fish farmers to grow to table size for consumption. The African catfish is highly consumed in Nigeria, but presently there is a huge shortage in the fingerlings supply which causes a hike in the final product which is the Table Sized catfish. At K.S.D.N Farms we undertake the task of running a hatchery and then we sell at a relatively cheaper price to local Fish Farmers, so that there can be a significant reduction in the final price of the Table Sized catfish , so that the average Nigerian can afford this healthy,protenious food source.
Other services we presently offer include
1. Construction of Tampouline ponds in partnership with local metal and plastic artisans.
2.Agricultural and Aquacultural Consultancy.
3. Agricultural and Aquacultural trainings.
We also undertook few crop projects in the year 2016 in partnership with local farmers, which we hope to expand in 2017.

Your success factors 
We dare to bring together two product qualities that rarely go together.
We bring QUALITY products at a RELATIVELY CHEAPER price.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 
We try to look for alternatives to very expensive methods, so that our products and services are affordable for the average Nigerian, and soon enough Africa and the world at large.

Your business model (how do you make money?)
We make money from sale of our products and also in the dispensing of our other sevices.

A few words about your competitors
We at K.S.D.N Farms prefer to see competitors and their strategy as means for learning to grow more.
At other times we see them as partners who chose to join the just cause of bettering humanity.
We however try to outclass their services ,and that we have often done.

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