Africa Internship Academy: a disruptive approach to youth unemployment in Africa

Emmanuel Leslie Addae and Daniel Antwi founded Africa Internship Academy after discovering that the issue of skills constraint was a major contributing factor to youth unemployment in Africa.

Your products and services :
1. Work Integrated Learning Module: All our interns go through intensive training within the workspace, where we prepare them with technical skills as well as soft skills to excel in both corporate and entrepreneurial environment.
2. Social Business Design Lab: In order to foster innovation and entrepreneurship, interns have unrestricted access to the lab for development of their business concepts and enhancement of their ideas.
3. Mentoring and Support: At AIA, all our interns are assigned mentors who serve as role models for nurturing and guidance.
4. Building professional networks: Our fellows are exposed to major networking events engaging people from various sectors.

Your success factors

Africa Internship Academy aims to facilitate successful transition from academia to industry.
Almost everyday, students seek internship placements at institutions, either for academic credits or to gain exposure to the work force. Most organizations have been unable to cater for the demand and as a result; we created space for work inclusive of training for grooming and supervision.
We have had over 1200 applications competing for 50 slots per month from applicants all over Africa.
We have partnered with reputable organizations that are thrilled at working with our interns such as Ecobank Ghana and others.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

Interning with Africa Internship Academy means learning and gaining work exposure from various organizations within the time frame (WORK INTEGRATED LEARNING MODULE) versus interning with just one organization, which is the norm.

Your business model (how do you make money?)

Africa Internship Academy generates revenue from corporate organizations through their Corporate Internship Programs, universities, state institutions/youth agencies and donor agencies targeted at skills development and education. Interns also have the option to cater for their participation fee.

A few words about your competitors

Our potential competitors are primarily focused on other areas such as leadership development or solely recruitment.
Our competitive advantage is our ability to embrace almost all fields in order to expose our fellows to different pathways instead of a rigid curriculum.

To learn more about you 

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  1. This setup is such an enviable one which I believe would go a long way to help mould the needed skills required by the youths before entering the job market.

    1. The AIA approach towards creating employment and building skills capacity among young people is the best way thus far.