Ose cleaners: a professional waterless cleaning services


—As one of the youth leader in embakasi constituency, area attributed with drug abuse, second to Juja in the whole country according to recent statistics from nacada, more than 80% of youths in my constituency abuse at least two type of drugs, two out of five take cheap illicit liquor religiously that burden of rescuing my fellow youths was too overwhelming, personally I have lost most of my friends to the drugs, during my pondering of a solution to the menace. I saw a niche market in the real estate industry of a cleaning services, being near Nyayo estate, 2nd biggest estate in Africa and other estate in Nairobi and machakos county. I conducted my feasibility studies and visualize the viability and how the future of cleaning business will be very bright, I knew the quickest way of creating solution of unemployment to my fellow youths enslave with alcoholism and other drug abuse is to start the cleaning venture.

—The idea of the cleaning business was first conceived while working in Qatar aviation service in Qatar, our accommodation was being cleaned in Bin Mahmud, Qatar was being cleaned by a cleaning company and our accommodation was always clean, conducive and fresh breath taking fragrance of good smell. but from visiting various places during his vacations and from his observations he recognized that the cleanliness was not satisfactory hygiene was being neglected, furniture were having short shelf life and life style diseases was not rear, he decided he must be the change that he would want to see and to achieve all this he had to offer himself to provide a long lasting solution of environment hence he decided to chase his ambition of making the difference in his community.

In his free time he used to accompany the cleaning company in his accommodation in Doha, Qatar to learn how to execute professional cleaning, he did that diligently with resilience until he acquired necessary skills, tools and techniques require for customers satisfactory services. He decided to come back home to contribute in environmental conservation.

In 3rd January 2013, ose professional and cleaning services was initiated, it was registered on 18th October 2013 with the register of companies, the following month on 18th November 2013 ose cleaners was registered under the public procurement and disposal act allowing the business to be eligible for tendering process under the government program of Youth access to government procurement opportunity (YAGPO) following a directive by the president that 30% of all government procurement must go to the youths.

Your products and services :

—Office cleaning, condos and apartments cleaning, commercial premises, upholstery, carpet cleaning, vacant houses cleaning, move in move out cleaning, soap making, entrepreneurship and project management training

Your success factors

—Ose cleaners for 3 years in existence it has managed to provide employment to 6 individuals who depend fully for live hood and sustainability and hundreds of casual labors who were drugs abuse victims.

—Through ose cleaners project management training members of the public in my community have greatly benefited from time, cost, risk business success or failure factors training, business plan writing, groups and business registration processes and capacity building procedures.

——Ose cleaners has immensely contributed to environmental management in various work places, ose manages waste of Bemma Auto and Mechanic garage in Embakasi. Kenya.as our corporate social responsibility we have taken clean up exercise organized by Nairobi City County.

—Ose has restored lost glory of Embakasi environs, freshness, maintain hygiene, reduce lifestyle diseases in our clients’ houses, and prolong shelf life of clients’ furniture.

—Our services save customers time and energy of doing the work. The customer has extra benefit of enjoying a clean and attractive home or conducive enabling environmental. The customer also has extra leisure time for entertaining guests enjoying hobbies or their preferred activities.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

—We have completely changed the narrative of cleaning by our waterless cleaning business

—1) Burden of transportation cost relieved
We are making life of our clients easier by providing move in services which save our valued customer burden of transportation cost, breakage of items and inconveniences cases

2) Prolong shelf life
We avoid brushing like plaque in all our cleaning, we just apply some detergent on surface and wipe with a moist piece of cloth for sparkly results hence we prolong shelf life by not using brush which destroy fabrics.

3) No mild dew
We offer waterless cleaning in all our services thus incidence of mild dew (bad odor as emanating from moist fabrics) is rare with us.

4) Time saver
Since we don’t use water we save our esteemed clients their valuable time of waiting for items to dry, their precious life is never interrupted, our services is like wash and ware

5) Personalized, professional and satisfactory

Our services attracts customers with more personalized services professional that is satisfactory guaranteed.

Your business model (how do you make money?)

We generate money by offering cleaning services, sell of soaps, fumigation and entrepreneurship training

A few words about your competitors

They are worthy, they encourage creativity and inventiveness

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