ENTEJ : economical social network for SMEs

 Started by Tarek Abd El Latif, co- founder and CEO, Abdel Hamid Zidan co-founder and Technology director, and Mohamed Badr co-founder and Business development director.

– The technical force consists of a team of five researchers, two programmers and a designer.

ENTEJ Network is running the operation to rely on the culture of Collaboration and help practically Members to acquire this culture and encourage members to exploit their skills, competencies, and expertise in projects. Members may have ideas and the capacity to implement, but they are waiting for “something” or “someone” to start.

 Entej abandon the idea of the individual who is capable of achieve a successful project alone without any expertise or the ingredients for success, and Entej adopt and motivate the idea of the teamwork is able to implement a successful and capable of continuity in success and is skillful to support advanced businesses.

Entej reinforce supplementing technique of different business opportunities within the scope of the project to serve other complementing project to enlarge the scope of each type of enterprises.

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Your products and services  

Entej Provides a working relationship, allows sharing of experiences and capabilities and provide as much information on the different types of projects and create complementary opportunities between small and medium-sized enterprises on the one hand, companies and entrepreneurs the other hand

Is a business engine and a guide to search and meet industrial, commercial and service companies and open new horizons for trade and investment in the area. B2B search tool helps audience to find a name of company, product or service quickly, in addition the categories tool useful to reach sectors and categories of companies, product or service. 

Your success factors 

Fast access to non Internet SMEs/SOHOs in the MENA region. 

Comprehensive Arab opportunities complementing existing businesses, creating new supporting business. 

Saving time searching for nearby, relevant, homogeneous, channel to sell or supply your business. 

Online B2B / B2C economical social portal. 

Enable and empower the internal marketing campaigns. 

Being more cost effective than Google Adsense, which is the usual way to attract leads and traffic via providing 
conversion rate substantially higher than Google. 

Being strong source of Internet traffic based on industrial sector and interest.

Helps promote the SMEs business as well as all other partners from entrepreneurs, investors, experts, and academics, for commercial return.

Opportunity to sample the buyer increases the likely hood of gaining new customers. 

Providing different ways to capture customers, Video, Ad words and Online PR further increases lead generation. 

Timeline all Highlight updates information of opportunities in MENA 

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

No Well Structured network gather SMEs for the purpose of giving support across all stages of the enterprise.

No reliable platform/portal that give interactions to real business needs.

Few Suppliers online

Missing proper placement to post tenders in all region 

No sample or product exchange such as Alibaba.com 

Poor Arab content

Your business model

We have a freemium model. Consists of free basic services, to publish your project, enquiry, business asset, competency, and knowledge base access.

In addition to premium paid services include, featured account, sponsored product, project, with unlimited business interaction, and Entej advertising

Entej aims to be a one-stop shop for businesses and number one in MENA through creating important portals lacking in the region, which users need.

These portals will help startups and companies grow. Entrepreneurs aiming to generate money should visit Entej daily. Entej’s portals are customized to serve a wide range of business owners.

A few words about your competitors

The direct Competitors are divided into three main categories:

  • Social network providing services to SMEs/SOHO
  • Market places that gather all business partners.

Supportive engine for startups

Your website 


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