VibeCampo : The Next Big Social Media Disruption

I (Brian Nyagol) founded VibeCampo while a student at the university. I have a background in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (BEng), and self-taught web software developer.

VibeCampo is a fulfilment of my passion in building systems that empower young people. Read on, as the story of our emergence is more compelling than my own.

We first launched in May 2014. At first, we only thought of creating something new that would come from Africa. My mantra has always been that Africa, especially Kenya has a place in the global innovation realm and that I was one of the people who would make it shine. Over time, we developed a liking for young people wanted to make their Life better since our platform was already targeting young campus students and alumni. So we pivoted our social network idea to be one with a small twist – A social network helping young people to Discover, Explore and Grow their Talents, Skills and Interests. This was in Late 2015.

We then started to build up features and resources that would allow this vision to be accomplished and came up with communities, goals and contests and collaboration mechanisms that would help young people to achieve and be who they want to be, with the help of others like them, or who they want to be. The features reflect out definition of success – collaboration, one goal/step at a time, exploration and fact-finding, mentorship and staying committed to the journey.

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Your products and services 

We sell advertisement space.

Your success factors 

Our success factors (KPIs) are the number of our users, Number of communities, Number of goals set up in those communities, Number of Goal Check-ins (Activity Sharing) and the level of interactions among different user groups within our system.

Our 2018 operations plan aims at having 300,000 users which are the major metric we use.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

We have not just made a social media platform, but we‘re making social networking more useful for empowering African young people, than stealing away their time, and limited resources. Many young people complain of not having an appropriate platform to showcase their talents and skills. We have done it.

Your business model  

We are just rolling out our revenue model this year. We are making money by running highly associative ads that will give our users value for their time, and our customers value for their money. We aim at building a huge audience network, within and without our ecosystem.

A few words about your competitors

We are competing against well-established companies and tech giants – Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. We know these organizations are already too big to bend to the exact needs of young people, and advantage we plan to utilize 100% to give young people more value.

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