JokkoText pays fans for sharing music and allows artists to sell via SMS

My name is Mamadou Dione, I am the sole founder and the CEO of HeartWork, the structure behind JokkoText.

I am a Web Developer, Entrepreneur and musical composer born on 23 July 1990 in Dakar. The beginning of my school curriculum (primary, junior, high school) was done entirely at the school Pedagogues in Dakar. After obtaining my Scientific Baccalaureat in 2008, I am selected after the entrance examination of the Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique in Dakar, in Computer Engineering. After obtaining my University Diploma of Technology in 2010, I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Teleinformatics in the same school, graduated and then obtained my Master’s degree in Teleinformatics at the Ecole Superieure de Technologie et de Management in 2014.
Passionate about computers and music since I was young, I started computer-aided music at the age of 15 and have since produced and promoted many local Senegalese artists.
This passion for these two fields ( technology and music ) has given birth to the desire to create a tool capable of facilitating the lives of artists, hence JokkoText, the online music sales service which is a virtual environment for artists and music fans. In many third world countries, the credit card penetration is very low, plus there are a few music stores. It is generally difficult for music fans to purchase the music they want to, digitally or physically. That’s why I thought of SMS payment method which allows to fans who don’t have a credit card to be able to purchase their favorite music directly via their phone.
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Your products and services 

JokkoText allows artists to sign up and upload their music to sell it via different payment methods such as SMS in more than 50 countries, mobile payment in Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire and credit card everywhere in the world.

JokkoText has two types of users:
The Music fan : 
– Music fans browse the website to find and purchase music. To the music fan are presented the payment methods available in his country. In more than 50 countries, download via SMS is available. Mobile Money payment is available in Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire and Credit card payment is available everywhere in the world. The fan clicks on the song/album, fills the form to complete the transaction and receives a download link when the transaction is successful.
– When the “Rokki” formula is activated, the fan who shares his favorite music on social networks or websites receives 2% : commission for each sale originated from the shared link . 
The Artists who can :
– Register and Upload their music by themselves
– Sell their music or make it available for free download and allow those who still want to buy it to do so
– Receive donations from the fans
– View their sales statistics ( which tracks/albums have sold the most , date of transaction, etc…)
– Edit their personal informations
– Edit details on their tracks or albums
– Annotate their lyrics and make them available for free download
– Refer to the Percentages ( Revenue Shares ) Grid per Country 
– Request payment of their incomings
– Thank their fans with a personalized message after every purchase


Your success factors 

We build a strong relationship with the artists, look for ways to improve their careers and help to boost their promotion.

With the commissions, we help the e-promoters, bloggers and music fans to be rewarded for their social network engagement.


Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

Paying fans for sharing music is very disruptive compared to the existing services.

We constantly search for new methods to improve artists’ lives.

Making SMS payment method available in several countries helps artists to increase their sales.

We adapt to the technology and country: the payment methods and currencies are specific.

Signing up is never needed for the fans to purchase music.


Your business model 

We take a cut from each sale and leave 72 to 80% to the artist (after the payment system or mobile operator’s cut).


A few words about your competitors

Our competitors are Mymusic, CdBaby and Bandcamp. Our disruptive factors give us hope to have a major share in the indie (and soon major) market. 


Your website 

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