Weebi, a mobile application that facilitates bookkeeping for small informal businesses

Weebi was born when Amadou, our local shopkeeper poured oil all over his notebooks. In these books he kept a trackrecord of all his clients’ debts. The event caused such a mess that he almost closed his business. Angry customers and anxious shopkeepers led us to design a mobile app to solve the problem of clients’ bookkeeping for small business in Dakar.

Our android app works offline and provides confidential data back-up when there is reliable connectivity. It is used by illiterates and using simple iconic functions.

Our key factor is the fact that the app is so simple that it can be used by anyone. Main problem for business owners and shopkeepers is cost of learning and time to mastering digital tools. By selling an android app we lower drastically this cost.

 Weebi distinguishes from competitors through its customer service. Our network of local agents allows us to provide customers with regular support and to answer to their feedbacks. This also allows us to give payment facility to our customers, that often need 2-3 months delay.

 We market the app through 3 different packages ; a simple version with a mini bluetooth printer (55K CFA) ; a 7” tablet and printer with (99K) and a luxury pack with Weebi’s customized anti-theft stand. We are also implementing a monthly subscriptions for data analysis providing our customers with insights on how to develop their businesses.

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