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Kingsley SHIYNYUY and Nodem No Mene Martial are the two Co Founders of Waggstar. Kingsley SHIYNYUY is telecommunications Engineer and currently CEO of Waggstar. He equally holds a Masters of Sciences in Business Administration. Nodem No Mene Martial is Engineer in computer sciences. He is the CTO of Waggstar.

The story began in 2013 when I observed my good friend who is a talented wrestler. He told me wrestling is his passion. I discovered that only people closer to my friend knew about his talent. I then decided to create an online website where I could promote and valorize his talent. I then created an online magazine called Kenstar. With kenstar my friend could touch a greater number of people, fans, and potential sponsors. The problem with Kenstar, I had to go out to the field, look for talents, interview them, then reproduce the content on Kenstar Magazine. As you can understand, this was so difficult to realize because of time and the resources this implies. With Kenstar the users didn’t have access to the content. Moreover, many talents could not wait for their turn to valorize their talent online.

I then understood the need for a 2.0 website that will give total control to users so that anyone could share and spread his content, anytime, anywhere. After one year of real hard work, Waggstar was created. Today Waggstar is running on version 3 plateform after many ameliorations. The first design of Waggstar was built by Kingsley Shiynyuy. Today the code that runs Waggstar is a combination of many codes from the great people we have successfully attracted to our team.

Your products and services :

Waggstar is a social network that provides online application services on a platform on which users can share, comment, and encourage talents and passions. Waggstar platform has an embedded instant messaging module for instantaneous discussion between users on the platform. Waggstar is a universe where talents can meet mentors, sponsors and fans, valorize their know how and become future stars. The website helps transform dreams into reality by creating jobs and hence fight against poverty.

Our products include waggstar mobile application which is available on Google play, waggstar shops.

Your success factors

 Waggstar totals more than 1500 users today, more than 1300 likes on our facebook page. The national news paper Cameroon Tribune has written three articles on waggstar. The National television channel accorded an interview on waggstar. The African television channel Africa24 has granted an interview and did mention waggstar as one of the potential social network in Africa.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

Waggstar is a social network that permits users to efficiently share their passion and valorize their talents no matter their level of education. Waggstar proposes the targeted publicity principle, whereby businesses can target communities based on passions and talents. This is exactly what businesses are looking for; a market that is easy to be conquered once their product is exposed.

Your business model

 Our primary source of revenue is online publicity. Thanks to our targeted publicity principle, we stand as the market best cost effective online platform as far as online publicity is concern. Our subsequent sources of revenue include developing and commercializing online applications and platform under our brand Waggstar, revenue sharing with telecommunications operators who distribute our services via their telecommunications network, revenue sharing with our partners.

A few words about your competitors

At Waggstar we often think of social networks that have greatly impacted our society today. We think of facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp. By spreading and sharing information more efficiently, they have brought people together, they have given a voice to everybody, they have created value. These networks have greatly inspired us. Waggstar equally brings people together, more specifically Waggstar federates people over passion and talent, Waggstar gives everyone the voice to communicate, but more interestingly Waggstar encourages progress. We look forward to have our own share of the market in this domain. There is a huge need and a huge opportunity for everyone to get on Waggstar, share their passion and valorize their talent. Our goal is to see people Rise Share and Shine.

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To get started on our platform : www.waggstar.com

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