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Dare Odumade decided to invent the Sharebunk platform and create a super cool team to power it, because he has passion for music and experienced how difficult it is for emerging music talents to get discovered or get their music in the hears of music lovers. Emerging artistes want to be heard but most often cannot afford to promote their songs because media publicity and music promotions by radio stations or popular Djs cost a fortune these days.

He also realised that social media and music have become jolly friends, in this generation as youths enjoy connecting with their friends on social media platforms while they listen to music from their device. Hence, the team thought to put both services together on one platform and designed it towards, connecting music lovers and for the discovery of new music.

Dare is CEO and Chief Product Engineer at Sharebunk LLC, with technical capabilities and experience from running a social media platform in the past. The Sharebunk team comprises of expert designers, experienced business developers, dynamic engineers and marketing genius. 

Your products and services :

Sharebunk is a social messenger and music stream box. A platform which connects family, friends and every other user to chat, socialise on a public/private Timeline and stream or download African music. This is the future of social networking and music discovery.

Your success factors

Sharebunk is designed to improve how emerging artistes get discovered for free by connecting artistes with music lovers on a public Timeline, where they can share their music for users discovery and get feedback instantly.

We launched a Beta less than 2 months ago and it already got about 500 users, with very little publicity. This indicates that people like this new concept of streaming and social networking on 1 platform. 

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

Sharebunk App is the 1st of its kind and solves the  pain problem for emerging Talents across the world while giving everyday users ample opportunity to discover, listen and download African music free of charge, as well as meet new people. What no ordinary streaming App or radio App can do.

Your business model

 Sharebunk makes money mainly from in-app purchases (premium subscription, playlist cloud storage, eGift cards, stickers and call credits), Advertisements and Official accounts for brands.

A few words about your competitors

 Competitors allow music lovers and Artistes to upload songs, get users to gain followers for visibility, charge Artistes to boost their visibility and don’t give users/listeners room to give instant feedback (comment or rating) to artistes. But with Sharebunk, you not only upload and share songs directly with the Public, you also don’t have to follow or be followed by influencers to get instantly famous and recognised for your talent, as the Public Timeline links all users. Also, users can give instant feedback to artistes by commenting on or rating their songs and finally, you can share your playlist with other users.

To learn more about you

Check it out today! Visit to get Sharebunk Beta.

Follow on twitter and Instagram @sharebunk to learn more.

Available for Android and iPhone.


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