Tapsnapp : an online platform that connects customers to photographers

Over a spontaneous breakfast, Vije and Jaiprakash discussed the issues surrounding the photography industry. Vije, with his extensive experience in the industry, had formulated a solution to these issues which Jai, with his extensive experience in application development, would commit to giving form. Thus birthed Tapsnapp, an online marketplace to connect consumers to photographers who are matched based on specialty and location. The platform helps customers find the photographers they need immediately based on upfront pricing and scheduling and helps photographers build their business beyond the legacy referral system.

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Your products and services 

The product is an online platform that connects customers to photographers. Customers can find and hire photographers immediately matched to specialty and rankings. The customer can book and pay securely online with pricing made available upfront without the unnecessary back and forth communication. Once the booking is completed, the chosen photographer receives the money securely with the schedule automatically assigned to the calendar. The photographers can also use Tapsnapp to find new customers and the platform will auto-bid on the photographers’ behalf matched to the photographer’s requirements.

Your success factors 

Providing an administration system and marketplace to better manage the business side of freelance photographers, and a bidding system and easier search options for people looking for photographers.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

Expanding the network of freelance photographers on a global scale, by connecting them, through an automated process, to the people looking for their specific skills, with additional matching by budget and locations serviced. The system allows for everything to be managed online from the booking to the billing to the communication. Tapsnapp provides a one-stop administrative service to photographers and an intelligent personal assistant to customers.

Your business model

The revenue is based on transactions based on shoots booked. Tapsnapp will take 10% from each bookings. The platform will also earn in monthly/yearly subscription for photographers to use the platform to get their business and manage their payments.

A few words about your competitors

http://defrozo.com – It’s designed for photographers but no interface for customers to interact with photographers. It’s use by each photographer separately and not on one system.

http://www.photographercentral.com – Wide range of photographers but not available anywhere in Africa, no upfront pricing or online booking.

http://www.flytographer.com – Customers can find photographers for travel related photos with set pricing but customers can’t get bids and can’t see availability immediately.

https://www.snappr.co/ – Available only in Australia and no bids available. On average, the difference is our platform allows photographers to find the customers they want with an auto-bidding feature.

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