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Testosterone is a sex hormone found in humans and other animals; in men, it is produced in the testicles and in women, in the ovaries. In women, the level of testosterone is low compared to men. The level reaches a peak during puberty and then starts plunging after the age of thirty. The phenomenon is known as testosterone dip. In men, the hormone plays a pivotal role in critical biological functions, including sperm production, sex urge, muscle mass and potency, RBC production, fat circulation, and bone density. But as it starts declining at 1% annually after the thirties, it brings considerable physical and psychological changes in men.

Normal Range of Testosterone

The standard testosterone threshold in males ranges from 300- 1,000 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dl). This also varies from 10-35 nanomoles every liter (nmol/L), and that of women is 15 to 70ng/dl. Below-average testosterone levels trigger various symptoms such as weight gain, brittle bones, fewer body hairs, hot flashes, enlargement of the breast, and change in cholesterol metabolism. If you undergo any symptoms, consult a physician and test your testosterone level. One of the invasive testosterone therapies is the administration of synthetic testosterone, but there are potential side effects associated with it.


Insomnia, fatigue, and other sleep disorders are closely related to low testosterone level; Sleep apnea is a sober medical condition where breathing stops and starts concurrently during sleep. Low testosterone can trigger various emotional disorders like depression, poor memory, concentration power, and lack of self-esteem. The organic compounds of Prime Male address all these issues by promoting blood circulation to organs and distributing lipid cells. Whereas organic treatment, such as dietary testosterone booster supplements like Prime Male, activates the natural production of testosterone with no side effects. This product promotes many functions and improves the user’s overall well-being.

Reduces Cortisol

The natural ingredients of Prime Male are handpicked to increase testosterone production and bioavailability to cells. Suppose you intake enough protein and healthy fat with Prime Male hormone production increases significantly. Prime Male reduces the level of cortisol. As higher cortisol goes lower, the testosterone level falls. Stress and elevated cortisol levels can induce weight gain and saturated fat accumulation around organs, reducing testosterone levels.


Prime Male is an organic supplement formulated to resolve symptoms associated with low testosterone levels. One of the major components is D-aspartic acid, a natural amino acid that is the building block of all types of protein and certain hormones and neurotransmitters. There are two types of aspartic acid; L and D former are produced in the body to build proteins. On the other hand, D-aspartic acid can trigger neurons to send neuron signals to produce more testosterone in the testicles. In a study conducted among men aged from twenty-seven to forty-three, where D-aspartic was administered for ninety days, the participants experienced increased testosterone by 30 -60%. It also stimulates luteinizing hormone (LH), stimulating Leydig cells primarily responsible for testosterone production.

Green Tea Extract

A catechin known as epigallocatechin- 3- gallate (EGCG) is present in green tea, a natural antioxidant that eliminates free radicals responsible for cell damage. Green tea is enriched with polyphenols that reduce inflammation and inhibit cancerous growth. Green tea extract is another bioactive compound found in Prime Male enriched with antioxidant properties reducing free radicals and weight gain, thus increasing fat burning process.

S-Allyl Cysteine

Garlic is another organic compound in Prime Male; the herb contains antioxidant combinations that neutralize harmful free radicals. It also contains S-allyl cysteine, which promotes male fertility by increasing sperm and testosterone production. Black pepper extract is another bioactive compound of Prime Male that enhances sexual indulgence and testosterone in animal studies. The extract also contains zinc and magnesium, two critical minerals that escalate sperm count and semen concentration. Black pepper also slows down brain aging and improves neuron activity.

Vitamin D

Prime Male contains vitamin D, a fat-soluble vitamin, endogenously produced in the body when exposed to UV rays from sunlight. This vitamin regulates inflammation and modulations such as cell growth, immunity, and neuromuscular and glucose metabolism. Vitamin D facilitates the bioavailability of calcium in the gut and tolerable serum phosphate and calcium, permitting normal bone mineralization and averting hypocalcemic tetany (involuntary contraction of muscles). Vitamin D is converted into calcidiol in the kidney and then transformed into calcitriol, an active form of vitamin D as a hormone. Prime Male increases total, bioactive, and free testosterone levels in consumers.

Stimulant Free

No stimulants are added in Prime Male; stimulants are defined as drugs that increase neurotransmission from the brain to the body, making the user feel more energetic, confident, and awake. Caffeine, nicotine, cocaine, and amphetamines are some stimulants when used over a prolonged time, causing side effects like insomnia, anxiety, and even seizures in some cases. As Prime Male is a zero stimulant product, it increases testosterone production with a psychedelic effect. The product is not addictive, so no withdrawal symptoms are manifested when you stop consuming it.

Stimulating Luteinizing Hormones (LH)

Prime Male is a dietary supplement formulated from organic ingredients to boost the testosterone level in men by stimulating luteinizing hormones (LH). LH stimulates a biological process crucial for sexual development, health, and reproduction. LH is synthesized in the pituitary gland that regulates and develops ovaries and testes that permit optimal reproduction system functions. The product also boosts energy levels and lean muscle mass. The product proves to be beneficial for those who are passionate about workouts. Green tea extract in Prime Male quickens fat burning process and metabolism that helps you to shed extra pounds you accumulated over time. The ingredients used in Prime Male have a potent antioxidant property that promotes blood circulation and overall well-being.

Cost-Effective Noninvasive

Prime Male is a cost-effective noninvasive way to boost testosterone levels. One bottle costs US$60, three bottles US$120, and a pack of four bottles comes with a price tag of US$180. The product comes with a hundred percent lifetime money-back guarantee that exhibits the potency and efficacy of the product. Buy the product from the official website; shipment is free across the US.


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