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Renovating Your Home? 5 Principles of Interior Design to Consider

Many want to renovate their homes to create a livable, aesthetically appealing, and functional space. Indeed the market has tons of the latest design techniques but identifying and utilizing the best is a big challenge. The good news is that you can tap the knowledge and experience of commercial interior design experts. These professionals play a big role such as planning the interior design of residential and commercial properties.

Hiring interior designers is important. They not only introduce inspirational and enriched arrangements but also ensure your home exemplifies the greatest pedigree of this field. Here are reasons why you need an expert and the top 5 principles of interior design.

Reasons for Hiring an Interior Designer

The WOW Factor

Interior designers amplify the structure’s ambiance. They make the building pleasant, functional, and comfortable to live in.  Interior design professionals are keen on details and ensure the finishes of your space are stylish and comfortable.

At Craft & Concept, staff think outside the box and look at the overall picture, something a client cannot do. Thinking differently and spatially creates a high-end interior and luxurious spaces.

Offers an Extra Set of Eyes

Interior designers create an appealing space that meets and surpasses clients’ requirements. They also solve issues that may arise during this process. They rarely overlook anything the way an inexperienced person would do. They ensure electrical supplies and furniture of different scales are positioned properly. The goal is to produce a unique luxury style.

Well Connected with Other Professionals

Designing the interior of your home requires passion, creativity, skills, and much more. It includes adding innovative bespoke features to a space using unique and creative pieces. Interior designers work with other talents, including artists and artisans, to introduce statement pieces like eclectic artwork, unique antiques, and bespoke furniture. The goal of these talents is to create products that introduce enriched arrangements.

Principles of Interior Design

Everyone wants to create a home they can enjoy living in it. At the same time, they want to enhance not only the esthetic value of their property but its worth. Indeed they want to make it better off in all ways.

Here are 5 principles of interior design that you should consider.

1.      Balance

Interior designers create visual harmony in all their projects. They ensure all elements (colors, textures, shapes, and patterns) in the space are balanced in order to give a sense of equilibrium.

Here are ways to create a balance in a space:

  • Place objects symmetrically.
  • Put objects of similar dimensions together to maintain an even distribution of visual weight.
  • Arrange items around your central focal point to create a radial balance, i.e., around a chandelier or dining table.

2.      Rhythm

In interior design, rhythm is created by repetition and contrast. Interior designers use the same pattern and color on different items or intervals. An example is the use of the color on the wall on dining chair cushions. You can also create rhythm by alternating pendant lights of different types or arranging objects in an ascending order or vice versa.

3.      Contrast

Combining more than two different forms create contrast. You can achieve that using space, color, or form (shape). For instance, you can position items of different shapes or colors close together.

4.      Unity

All elements in design should demonstrate harmony or uniformity. Unity is created using the same patterns, colors, and textures. You can create visual continuation through the repetition of elements and equal spacing of objects in a given space.

5.      Details

Interior designers don’t overlook even little things. To these professionals, nothing is unimportant or too small to consider when designing a space. Therefore they pay attention to the handles on each cabinet, the size, patterns, and shape of cushions, the embroideries, the framed prints hanging on the walls, etc. The reason is that these little details affect the overall interior design.


Designing your home to reflect your personal taste and look aesthetically appealing and functional is hard. Interior designers are trained to create personalized homes without ignoring even minute details.

The list of principles of interior design is long, but this article has highlighted 5. With the help of an interior design expert, you can renovate your home and create a beautiful space.

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