Surprise Package: Nigeria’s Social Media Integrated eCommerce Gift Store.


 It’s your birthday today and your Facebook account is flooded with hundreds of best wishes from your Facebook ‘Friends’ and contacts however, none of these goodwill messages ever get converted into a physical gift item as much as you desire one.

Therefore, the Idea behind Surprise Package Nigeria is to have a social media integrated eCommerce hub where Birthday/Wedding Anniversary celebrants get surprise gift items from loved ones when sign up to our platform-
My name is Daniel Momoh, I am a graduate of Computer Science and Information Technology with a 7 year working experience in Web Solutions and Management and I am the founder of Surprise Package Nigeria.

Your products and services :

Our array of product include:
1. Wedding Gifts and Souvenirs
2. General Homewares like kitchen accessories
3. Corporates Gifts Item
4. Seasonal packages like Christmas Hampers
5. Electronic and Mobile accessories.
We also provide product delivery services nationwide within Nigeria

Your success factors

Our online platform has a unique selling point with the social media feature which is steadily gaining momentum after our launch in 2015, our store also serves as a regular online shop with a potential reach of about 37 million active customers that currently engage in internet shopping in Nigeria.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

Product price and quality are the greatest deciding factors for the market; therefore we offer top quality products at discounted rate which keeps us at par with competitors.

Your business model (how do you make money?)

We make profit margins on sales and also provide market place services for third-party retailers with profit on commission.

A few words about your competitors

There are no direct local competitors to our business model especially with regards to our online platform; however a few retail mega stores have developed a strong national dominance, they also have a good delivery distribution network and mostly operate the Market -Place Business Model to accommodate other retailers which we also leverage on.

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