VODA WATER : increasing access to safe drinking water

Janet Wangui Njeri is a motivated marketing professional with over five years’ experience in multiple industries including advertising, public relations and interpersonal communication skills. Ms. Janet’s experience includes marketing to both the private and public sectors, which offers a unique understanding of the complex Kenyan market. Through her experience and education, Ms. Janet has developed a keen sense of marketing expertise though she holds a B.Sc. Information Technology degree from KCA University. She is the recipient of certifications as a delegate at the EAMUN(east Africa model for the United Nations)and KMUN (Kenya model for the United Nations). She is an active member of the Global Young Greens Organization which she Volunteers, a 2015 alumni of the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program and a 2016 emerging innovator Ashoka changemaker.

We are dedicated to improving global health by increasing access to safe drinking water. Responding to the fascination with designer labels, branding and healthy lifestyle VODA WATER launched into the mix early in 2016 with niche branded water, servicing exclusively the burgeoning market .VODA WATER recognized that a gap existed in the Kenyan market for private label bottled water. Encouraged by overseas research, we set about securing a premium supply chain and system. With a commitment to service this market ,VODA WATER opened for business and launched the private branding concept in May 2014.VODA clients include agreements to supply some of the countries most respected corporates from a wide variety of industries, bars & restaurants,schools,churches and event of all ranges and magnitude.

Confirmations direct from the market, that the private label concept is both innovative and welcome. Research confirms that corporate branded bottled water is a powerful sales and marketing tool for Organizations. Internationally, this form of marketing has met with huge approval. The water industry continues to mature and become more sophisticated which bodes well for the private labeled sector which continues to enjoy a rapidly increasing market share for custom branded water. 

In addition to providing retail and private label bottled water, Voda Water is set to improving health and reducing greenhouse gas pollution by providing water filters to households who use polluting wood stoves to purify their water or risk serious ailments and those who have no access to clean drinking water. In the process we aim to:

• Ensure every single household in kenya both rural and urban areas has access to clean drinking water by making our filters available to them at a considerable cost

• Reduce the rate at which  waterborne diseases spread in the country in both children and adults 

 •Increase local economic activity by hiring local staff to oversee program operations and water quality testing

 • Empower local communities to maintain clean water practices by establishing a permanent knowledge base in the area

 • Enable local entrepreneurs to develop a business of promoting and selling water filters

 • Establish a local oversight and tracking structure to ensure proper filter  use and repairs

 • Provide household visits by staff to monitor systems and provide training on hygiene and sanitation

Youth Empowerment programme

Over the next decade Voda Water aims to:

• Identify 1000 disadvantaged youth, startups and entrepreneurs with ideas that have potential

• Grow this businesses through business skills training, mentoring, access to seed capital funding advice, information & mentorship in our alumni network

• Help create businesses that can generate new jobs that will help contribute in new annual revenues across Kenya

Website : http://voda-water.business.otonomic.com/

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