Dripsol Company proposes gravity drip irrigation systems

The founders of Dripsol Company are George Kiambuthi W and David Weru. There is a looming water scarcity, food scarcity and unemployment in the Africa and Kenya in particular suffers from this. This problem can be partially solved by efficient, reliable and affordable irrigation systems which conserve water, provide employment and food security in our countries.

Your products and services 

We offer farm customized design, installation and maintenance of drip irrigation systems all over Kenya with a vision to spread all over Africa

Your success factors 

Commitment, unique product design and packaging and efficient, timely project implementation

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

Unique designs which are affordable to small holder farmers.

Working from a centralized point providing easy accessibility online via our social media platforms, SMS and phone calls.

Your business model (how do you make money?)

We make money by processing premium designs, installation services, sales of irrigation equipment and agronomical farm support

A few words about your competitors

We strive to be the best be making our designs more precise and our services more efficient, we welcome partnerships and new ideas into what we have and also learn each day for the greater good of Africa

Your website 


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  1. Africa faces immense pressure on water resources especially from the ever growing population and the increasing food demand that comes with it. Dripsol provides the ultimate solution to increasing efficiency of water use while increasing food production. Africa needs such innovative and Entreprenial young minds.

  2. A great and innovative idea to address not only water scarcity but also food security in Kenya and Africa at large. Irrigation is the way to go to be food secure in the this era of climate change…..#erratic rainfall.

  3. I’ve witnessed Dripsol’s work ethics and my vote is a vote towards Africa greener and brighter days. Great stuff.

  4. Innovation should always be welcome when it comes to efficiency in area of agriculture and water conservation. Dripsol is the way forward

  5. Great innovation. Drip irrigation technology enhancing sustainable farming in the face of climate change.

  6. I have three acres I want to irrigate for tomato, sukuma,spinach and cabbages I have an existing bore hole, how much would it cost??? E mail me the quotation

  7. Dripsol embodies the concept of sustainable agricultural practices in this era of adverse water scarcity. Kudos!!

  8. Great innovation. With climatic change and unpredictable rain season. Dripsol is the solution. Let’s all embrace drip irrigation for food sustainability in Kenya and Africa at Large. Great idea guys.