GCEHelper : an application that helps students make better grades at the GCE Examinations

 GCEHelper was founded in 2014. The idea started as a discussion between me and Mr. Tali Aaron (a teacher with more than 25 years experience and also a GCE Examiner). The GCE results for that year was really bad on average and while we were discussing, I asked him why he thinks, students fail at the GCE, he replied by telling me that although there are a number of reasons why a student might fail the two main important reasons are:

1- Students do not know how to interpret GCE Based questions

2- Students do not know how to approach or place the answers the way it is expected of them

Thus GCEHelper was created to help students make better grade by helping them understand how to interpret and approach gce based questions but at the “A” and “O” Levels

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Your products and services 

 GCEHelper offers students a platform to understanding GCE based questions and put them in line to success at the GCE exams

Your success factors 

 GCEHelper was designed to be simple and free. The service attracts alot of teachers from across Africa because it pays teachers for answering questions which can be redeemed using MTN or Orange Mobile Money. The platform also have intelligent SMS alerts which informs teachers when they have been asked a question and also inform students when their questions has been answered.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

 GCE Helper is a question and answer social networking system, it does not replace schools as we know it neither is it designed to encourage a one on one affair between teachers and students, students can only ask and comment on questions while teachers can only answer or comment on questions and answers,

The system has an in-house moderator system made up of verified teachers across the continent who moderate the questions and answers on the platform

Teachers can answer questions by typing, uploading a picture, recording an audio (within the site) or video which can be downloaded for offline viewing / listening

Your business model

GCE Helper makes money by running advertisement ONLY. we believe that we should start thinking of making money when we have enough people on the platform

A few words about your competitors

GCE Helper has little or no competitors as of now. 

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