NetPremise transmits high-speed data through the electrical cables already available in any building

Henry is an IT Entrepreneur with over 4 years’ experience in Product Ideation, Development & Manufacturing. He has authored a Patent and developed the award winning NetPremise and NetPremise LTE. Kenneth is an IT lawyer with 5 years international experience in IP, Technology & Corporate Law. He has an LLM in IT and Intellectual Property Law from Queen Mary University of London.

In Nigeria, fixed broadband services for homes and offices rely on radios to transmit data into their buildings. Fiber is too expensive to be deployed outside city centres where you have the most homes, schools and hotels. Bricks, which are the main building material in Africa, obstruct data signals leading to slow speeds and poor coverage and consumers end up under-utilizing their internet capacity. NetPremise LTE is the result of customer feedback and observation of industry trends especially from the telecommunications sector who are our primary target.

Your products and services 

A Patented all-in-one device combining an LTE Router, PLC Extender and a Wi-Fi Access Point with wired and wireless options and rechargeable battery plugged into wall sockets around a building for fast and affordable LTE Mobile Broadband deployment, providing superfast speeds & complete Wi-Fi coverage.

NetPremise LTE uses PLC technology to ensure signals reach every part of a building unobstructed. It has wired and wireless options for flexibility. Users can enjoy LTE network with their already existing multiple devices without having to upgrade them to 4G compatibility. It is ready-made for IoT and supports applications like Smart technology and mobile broadband offering value for money.

Your success factors 

NetPremise LTE is the result of customer feedback and observation of industry trends especially from the telecommunications sector who are our primary target. We have confirmed that there is a need for easy LTE data penetration through customer premise equipment devices and mobile devices. Regular Mi-Fis have limited data throughput and customers love the idea of a fully loaded portable router for flexible home, mobile and office use.

NetPremise LTE can be said to be partly an aggregation of functions and uses suggested to us by consumers and enterprise customers.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

The innovation in NetPremise LTE is the convergence of a router, extender and access point all in one device that functions as a Wireless LTE Router embedded with Powerline Technology devised to effectively communicate data packets aerially transmitted from Mobile Networks using 3G/4G/LTE technologies at superfast speeds (up to 300Mbps) into users dwelling and effectively distributing the data over the user’s existing electrical cabling in their dwelling (up to radius of 300m); this guarantees effective coverage, further enabling Smart Home applications & IoT. It has a transparent LCD screen that displays Battery Charging/Status, LTE, Wi-Fi, Network Carrier, Data Transfer, Signal Strength and number of Connected Users.

Poor signal coverage can be from the device itself or the building’s architecture. Current solutions are multiple wireless extenders or access points all susceptible to the building’s architecture leading to poor results. Users then discard and purchase another brand with no lasting results and wasted funds. Cables priced according to their length are deployed or you have buildings with multiple routers from different service providers as back-up for poor connections and poor coverage. This makes seamless and uniform building networking impossible. Current solutions do not have the flexibility of wireless and wired options or mobile data carriage capacity for easy digital networking.

Your business model

Our model is a B2B Model. We plan to sell directly to the Telcos at volume wholesale prices who will in turn bundle it with Data subscription packages on SIM Cards and sell to customers. There will be an optional recurring monthly support charge for each device. We are also exploring an avenue where we get a percentage of every monthly data subscription from subscribers using NetPremise LTE. 

A few words about your competitors

Huawei, ZTE & NetGear. They provide hardware CPEs, CBA Software & Support to the Telcos. The problem with the devices they provide is TAILORING. OEMs do not tailor hardware devices to the African user environment. Africans build with blocks and most homes are multi-storey & semi-detached. Hard walls make it difficult for data signals to penetrate across floors. NetPremise LTE transmits Data using the electrical wiring and out over Wi-Fi using the electrical socket outlets – No obstructions.

Indirect competitors are the networking cables, manufacturers & sellers.

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