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The Founder:  The experience that I acquired in training and travel dates back to my travels in over 50 countries and to three years of management through Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea where I held the position of International Coordination and Entrepreneurial Trainer in a reputed NGO and that is why my love for travel and having 5 years of transferable skills such as people relationship management/leadership in both public and private sectors, address the fun Train & Travel part of my project. Having a straightforward personality gives me the ability to lead teams and create an environment oriented towards trust, open communication, creative thinking and cohesive team training. I am skilled at coaching and supporting members of staff from all areas of the business and creating training programmes that meet the company’s targets for the services they provide.

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Your products and services 

To Train Women For Africa is a type of solidarity tourism. We offer short, medium and long terms projects that are straightforward and enrich an experience. Targeted for Women travellers, most projects are organised in pairs, therefore, it is for open-minded explorers. Our unique services engage the women travellers to the following 5 principles:

-Adapt: To a new environment, culture, way of doing things. Adapt does not mean forget about your culture but Accustom!

-Immerse: Not for the shy but the daring! Come out from your comfort zone and discuss with the community and local partners.

-Train: Because we are about training on female leadership, customer service, grooming, communication (gesture/posture), conflict handling, complaint handling, motivation, IT basics, HR basics, Finances basics and Online Security basics.

-Live: Enjoy the experience, be merry, not stuffy!

-Share: Back Home, Speak About Your Awesome Experience, Share It And Don’t Become A Stranger.

Your success factors 

We measure Women Economic Empowerment by the number of resources* we are using.

*Formal training, Social workshops, On the job training, E-learning platforms, Trips.

The T&T approach is used to develop skills within women-led businesses in Africa that consequently will help to gain more incomes thus contribute to the economy of a community, a country and an industry. Which lead outcome of Women empowerment, Solidarity, and breaking stereotypes.

-50% Travel (depending on the itinerary choice, trek, beaches, villages visits, homestays, you will interact with women from the communities and partner organisations).

-40% Social Learning (Because this is not about volunteering or voluntourism it is about women travelling to exchange relationships, be transparent and promote mutual learning).

-10% Vocational Training sessions (we are not going for the vulnerable but the motivated; Women travellers & AfroWomenpreneurs follow transparency, respect, equality and mutual learning).

Your business model (how do you make money?)

Who’s your target customer?

Women Travellers: Professional Women living in Europe over 24 years old with 1+ year of work experience. HR/Training background – Business Owner or Managing a business,  specialist of a field/task.

Women Entrepreneurs: Women that own a formal business in Niger, Ghana, Togo or Benin.

What customer problem or challenge do you solve?

Women faces gender-based, bureaucracy, financial backing  barriers (to cite a few more) in the formal sector thus  holding them back not getting training resources to improve their business. All these barriers prevent women entrepreneurs from  providing employment thus not sustainable for the economy. These barriers that keep women from starting up a business can be overcome in many ways. An option that we identify to overcome these barriers is using international solidarity through tourism & professional training as a mean for helping a business owner to improve a service, products, team work and management styles within her business. International Solidarity is to us a mean to bring together women that have common interest  from whom they can learn.

We consider that it is the responsibility of each and everyone no matter the nationality, race and gender to transfer its skills in a country  where development opportunities are slow due to education and vocational training missing, lacking, or not accessible  to a person, a community or an enterprise from a developing country. Therefore AfroWomenEntrepreneurs should be given equal access of training resources to grow their business.

How will you generate revenue?

Projects sold to the women travellers will be the source of revenue

What’s your profit margin?

Around 5333 USD per month (if all projects sold)

A few words about your competitors

Competitors varies from social enterprises to NGOs, between events organisers like “She Leads Africa” (Nigeria) or the “Seed Transformation program” that send volunteers to train entrepreneurs by Stanford university (US) focus on one challenge gender inquality

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