Traveler : using big data and machine intelligence to reduce road accidents

Road accidents kill more Cameroonians than Malaria and AIDS combined.  A team of three engineers decided to look for a solution that helps reduce road accident in Cameroon, and also provide a rapid response when an accident occurs. 

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Your products and services 

Traveler is a software system comprising of an app (traveler app) and a ‘big data’ integrated cloud monitoring back-end system (firebase). The app converts mobile phones into speed, performance and collision detectors capable of tracking, tracing and reporting automatically reckless practices susceptible to cause an accident especially in buses. When an accident unfortunately occurs, the app automatically detects it and sends an emergency alert  SMS to hospitals, ambulance services and other institutions about location and severity of collision detected. The app has a specialized algorithm which makes a smartphone sensitive to data concerning the speed, location, orientation, weather conditions, acceleration and G-Forces (collision force recorded during impact)

Your success factors 

  • Number of accidents prevented: We intend to reduce the casualties by 40%
  • Number of incidents recorded and reported: We already track at least 700 buses recording more than 21000 incidents. 
  • Number of accidents detected: We intend to track, trace and detect all accidents in Cameroon in the nearest future

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

  • Traveler is capable of tracking, tracing, detecting and alerting reckless practices susceptible to cause an accident (in real time)!
  • Traveler has a ‘state of the art’ prediction model built and deployed in a mobile phone capable of providing informed statistics to drivers when they drive on the highway (within a time horizon of 30 seconds into the future!).
  • Traveler has the ability to automatically detect accidents from a remote location, and trigger the sending of a notification to road safety teams, emergency teams and hospitals even in areas with little or no internet and without any human input!  All events leading to an accident can be reconstructed to provide insights into the cause of an accident

Your business model 

We generate revenue by providing services (data) to Bus companies, Insurance companies and government institutions for real-time analysis of traffic, incidents and accidents on the road

A few words about your competitors

Traditional GPS tracking systems, speedometer, blackboxes

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