The Footwear Academy : a footwear training and production school

My husband and I officially founded The Footwear Academy, a footwear training and production school for individuals interested in the art of footwear production and sales.

It all started with a vision to reduce shoe importation in Nigeria (Nigeria with a population of over 180 million people imports an average of 20 million pairs of shoe in a year). We are also empowering youths and less privileged people with the right skill in footwear making that will enable them compete with the international market.

We want to place Africa on the road map of Footwear Makers in the world.

Your products and services 

At the Footwear Academy, we currently offer 2 services

1. Footwear Training – We currently have 2 training centers in Lagos. We plan to expand to the other states in Nigeria and Africa.

2. Footwear Production – We currently supply bespoke footwears to some e-commerce stores in Nigeria. 

Your success factors 

  • Great Team
  • Fast Growing Industry
  • Low Competition
  • Support of the Nigerian Government

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

  • Affordable shoes – for all income levels.
  • Affordable/Cheapest and Comprehensive Footwear Training Service

Your business model 

Footwear Training and Footwear Production

A few words about your competitors

Our competitors are too expensive.

Your website

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