Africa Football Accelerator : unveiling Africa’s undiscovered football talents

Olukunle Kayode has always been a keen football player and enthusiast. Having played the ‘beautiful game’ right from primary school up until university, his love for the game has remained fervent. Africa football Accelerator (AFA) came about  while Olukunle was working at a financial technology company in London. While observing how financial decision makers leverage financial data from various sources to make informed decisions, Olukunle immediately thought of the challenges facing footballers in Africa. He pictured a scenario in which data could be gathered about these undiscovered talents in order to enable professional clubs to be able to make informed decisions about recruiting them.

Your products and services :

 The AFA platform will provide a coaching platform for coaches in Africa to bring themselves up to speed with new methods of coaching youth players. It will also provide a database of emerging talent on the continent, which professional clubs globally can access in order to recruit players to their teams.

Your success factors

 Building the database of players will drive the ability of the company to monetise the platform through a subscription model.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

Football scouting in general has always been inefficient. Over reliance on the subjective opinions of seasoned scouts often leaves a large number of talented players undiscovered. This problem is even more pronounced in Africa where information asymmetry leaves talented players without the opportunity of being discovered. Those who get opportunities often do so at huge costs to their future income as agents and scouts insert detrimental clauses into their contracts. AFA platform takes away the subjectivity of the existing methods of scouting youth players, providing data and information on a bigger pool of players previously beyond the radar of conventional scouting networks. 

Your business model

AFA will operate a subscription business model. Once the database attains critical mass, this will enable the company to charge a premium for data that is not readily available for African players.

A few words about your competitors

 No well established direct competitor, but indirect competition from established social media platforms. Established sports data providers could also enter the market once concept is proven, however, these also offer an exit.

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