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The name of the founder of the enterprise is Lawal Abdulrazaq. He is a citizen of Nigeria. He’s 21 years old. He studied computer science and works as a computer analyst. The idea of venturing into starting up an enterprise named raznificent agro enterprise came from various research, survey and field work.

Your products and services :

The enterprise is divided into two sectors which are transportation & agriculture. The transportation sector tends to empower its drivers after working for a year to a polytechnic institution to go further their education. While the agricultural sector produces eggs and rare livestock (pigs), in future we tend to use the dumps of the birds and livestock (pigs) as bio gas chemical energy to supply electricity to the community where the farm is situated.

Your success factors

Our success factor is to empower citizens to be able to survive wherever they find themselves.

Your business model (how do you make money?)

Raznificent agro enterprise is of two economy sectors: transportation and agriculture.

The mode of transportation is tricycle. The tricycles are driven in a shuffle pattern by two drivers. Daily returns are brought into the enterprise everyday, also we will open a personal bank account for these drivers because anything made from the daily returns is theirs, that will teach them to save any little thing made apart from the daily returns mandate. These drivers will be working for the enterprise for a year after that they will be sent to a polytechnic institution to go further their education in any desired national diploma program. Through this, we are adding value and also generating funds.

A few words about your competitors.

In every business, there are competitors no matter the product or services been rendered. Each one of our competitors will be addressed diplomatically.

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