Tangent Eco-Innovation Hub : supporting African STEM Education

Tangent Eco-Innovation Hub is a virtual platform for freelancers. The idea was born out of the need to bridge the growing unemployment gap in Nigeria and throughout Africa as well as mitigate youth migration and regional brain-drain. Our founders are located in Russia, Lebanon and Nigeria. We are currently establishing creative enterprise labs in these regions and we are looking for partners willing to support our activities through program partnerships.  

Rosaline Georgevna Agiamoh (Russia/Nigeria) – Founder & Director Global Partnerships

Dami Lawal (Nigeria) – Cofounder & Director Technology

Mohammad Ghraizi (Lebanon) Cofounder & Director Programs

Link to online video 

Your products and services 

  • Freelance Jobs & Projects 
  • ICT Consulting 
  • Startup Accelerator Program

Your success factors 

Partnership with leading institutions:

  • AfriLabs
  • African University of Science & Technology
  • CPDI Africa 
  • Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship 
  • One Environment (ENACOF)
  • Enspire Incubator 
  • Network of Innovators and Incubators in Nigeria (NIINE)

Featured as Top 15 Digital Accelerator in Africa (http://globalstartupecosystem.com/gse-worlds-largest-digital-accelerator-announces-top-15-to-demo-for-fall-2017-africa

Featured as Science, Technology & Innovation (STI) Accelerator in Africa (CCTV) 

Featured as Top Technology Hub in Nigeria by Techpoint.ng (https://techpoint.ng/2017/03/06/list-tech-hubs-across-nigeria)

Your business model 

We receive a percentage fee each time a project is posted on our platform. We have also developed our own internal  FinTech system (Points based cryptocurrency) to facilitate a value-based system for users which could be expanded through partnership with other platforms. 

A few words about your competitors

Tangent Eco-Innovation Hub is truly unique, we believe that technology is moving towards virtual platforms and so we provide all the services a physical hub would: co-work space, investor network, training, etc. We help reduce business operational costs and our platform promotes sustainable climate action by reducing carbon emissions (daily transportation and power generating sets) we also promote creative enterprise training programs and environmental sustainable systems. 

Unlike our competitors

www.freelancer.com: Global freelancer but too competitive for the African Youth and does not support local payment systems in African countries. 

www.upwork.com: Global but too competitive for the African Youth and does not support local payment systems in African countries. 

www.efiko.co: Does not support training and unlike our virtual hub does not support other African countries or training/partnership programs and contests. 

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