Remittances at 0% fees are now real with Zoe Transfer

I am Yves AKRE, defining myself as Humanity servant. I was born and raised in Abidjan, the main city of Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa. I have an Engineering Master in Statistics and Economics. To date, I’m cumulating 10 years of experience as Senior Marketer and Innovation Lead in Africa. I have worked for 2 top international FMCG: respectively as Regional Marketing Manager and Regional Marketing Director. And enriched by these two exciting experiences, I have founded with some Friends Matrix ZOE.

At matrix Zoe, we put in place, small to large scale Businesses with direct and measurable impact on people. The profit we generate is also used to improve the conditions of living of communities suffering from social deprivation.

Matrix Zoe is thus subdivided into 2 distinct entities:

  • The Humanitarian part, taking care of people in need.
  • The Business part, generating profits for the Humanitarian actions.

Today our Hero project is Zoe Transfer, an online platform designed to address one of the main Third world challenges: International Money Transfer.

As a former expat in many countries in Africa, I have been struggling with the tremendous fees charged to remittances; Indeed, in sub-Saharan Africa, these fees vary between 10% to 15%, while in developing countries it seats below 5%.

Eureka, we’ve cracked it.

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Your products and services is an unique E-platform which allows its users to transfer their cash abroad at 0% fees.

  • By providing a uniform and trouble-free way to families allowing them to action their international money transfer at 0% fees.
  • By allowing online merchants to access our platform at a very affordable subscription and get to transfer their money at 0% fees.
  • By creating a new service category taking advantage of our “first mover” position. positions itself for rapid growth and gains a strong opportunity to raise entry barriers for possible competition.

Zoe-Transfer is an E-platform pioneering the Non-Financial Business penetration into remittance market.

In spite of representing only 6% of total Non-Financial Business market, the Remittance digital market shows a very consistent triple digit growth each year. The leaders of the subcategory have delivered more than 200% growth over the last 5 years. There is no doubt that we are tackling our entry from the most affordable and promising door.

Truthfully, we found ourselves obsessed about not because of the impressive return of investment it may represents; we were rather moved by the benefits it will provide to communities and people. While trying to align on the 5% fees the World Bank recommended for sub-Saharan Africa, we found ourselves being able to offer an unparalleled 0% fees to the entire world…What an exciting journey!

Your success factors 

  • Compliance with Inter-National rules and regulations

Zoe-Transfer is fully compliant with the rules and regulations of any country in the world.

(1) Limiting the transferable amount per time per per person

(2) Put in place 5 steps of controls

are the key process in place to ensure restriction on money Laundering and tax evasions.

  • Full Transparency on exchange rates and Prices

We have full transparency on our exchange rates and ways of working. Our exchange rates are the best you can get as it retrieves from all central banks of the world (most of the time aligned with the Google exchange rates). 

  • Automation of our system

We have a highly well-crafted algorithm which verify the transactions within the system and connect them to ensure all users get served on time and in full.

  • Highly secured Transactions

Our system does not manage payment but rather outsource the payment management to specialist like Paypal, a very well-known and trusted payment system. All subscriptions and pre-authorization are paid and made through PayPal. In addition all guaranty deposit for our users are made directly in our bank account through the platform that the users himself trust and select.

Zoe-Transfer confirm to the users that he has received the payment as soon as this payment is fully received.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

 Key Differentiators & Disruption vs Key competitors (Western Union, Money gram, Currency Fair, Transfer Wise…)

  • No fees charged to peer to peer monthly transfers. ( domestic expenses).
  • No more %fees charged to any merchant or individual, only a 12$ payable subscription to get unlimited access to the platform for one month. ( 12$ is representing a 35% discount vs the amount paid by people around the world to transfer their cash per month)
  • No Tricky conversion rate, you get the official Exchange rate for your currency transfer
  • This is a bank account to bank account money transfer.
  • Accessible and usable from any device (web, android, ios)

Your business model  

Our business recruit new users and make money through 2 Principles:

Principle 1: Zoe-Transfer is free for each user, once per month. We believe This principle should be able to cover any monthly domestic transfer.  Any additional transactions is covered by Principle 2.

Principle 2: Any User trying to send more than once in a month, or more than 1200$ in one shot, will need to purchase a Valid monthly subscription.

A few words about your competitors

Our Key Competitors are

  • Offline + Online – Western Union & Money Gram
  • Online – Transfer Wise / Currency Fair

All the competitors apply fix and variable %fees to any remittances. These fees depend on the corridors and the mean selected for the transfer. The % fees charged to a transfer varies from 15% to 2%.

However, with Zoe-Transfer it is free for your first transfer of the month, and you will need to pay only 12$ to then send as many times as you want within the month.

We understand people are sending more than just money to their relative. This is the fruit of their labor, the expression of their love to their Peer that they send. And at Matrix Zoe LTD… We really can’t charge for Love Transfer…

Next Step Expectation

The key success Factors for our project are as follows:

  • Awareness and trial through Marketing investment support

Our project needs strong and smart Marketing investment in order to drive high communication pressure and generate trial.

  • Credibility and Adoption

Our Innovation needs a strong international Brand endorsement, which will enable trust and adoption with our audience.

  • Cash flow

A secured amount of cash flow needs to be made available to ensure one year continued service level (workforce + necessary Bills payment).

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