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 We are a team of three friends who grew up together with the same passion for Sciences and Technologies. As youths, we participated to organizations where we could practice this passion in sciences, robotics, aerospace, remote sensing and others as well as share the knowledge with others. Our education went on that path each one following a highly technical career path with a touch of knowledge sharing, coaching and sciences practicing. However, we faced the disappointment of not finding the same structures with the good quality we used to have for ourselves and our children. So we decided together to create Sciencia, a popular science company in Tunisia which provide a set of services and products to kids, youths and older to discover science with fun, to practice sciences and technologies and share that knowledge and that passion within an appropriate environment and the best quality of service and interaction.

Our vision is to ignite the scientific awakening of next generations.

Your products and services :

 So, to achieve this objective, Sciencia concretely is a network of Scientific Leisure Centres offering weekly workshops either internally or externally with partnering institutions as well as intensive workshops during vacations. Each workshop has a specific theme, including general science, robotics, aerospace … During workshops, two equally important items coexist : Fun and Learning by doing. Kids and youths perform their own experiences, guided by a coach. They build their projects and customize them to their liking. The invent, innovate and use their imagination while learning about daily objets and phenomena.

Sciencia create and provide the knowledge, the structure and the equipment for this scientific and technical learning.

Sciencia will provide also a set of educational kits to share the knowledge and the learning experience of Sciencia to a larger audience at home, at school and everywhere. Sciencia design also scientific and technical teaching equipment and tools to provide teachers and professors new ways of teaching thru experimenting, manipulating and practicing with a focus on constraints of developing countries like Tunisia and MENA/AFRICA regions.

Your success factors

Several success factors exist for Sciencia:

  1. Team: the founding team as well as the employees are the key success factor. The team has a acquired a consistent knowledge and has the ability to adapt it to the local constraints to provide fun and effective learning by doing experience.
  2. Safety first and Best Quality of Service: These factors are our essential building blocks. Providing them guarantees to our customers (parents and families) and our partners a relationship of trust where kids can enjoy and learn sciences and technologies within the best environment.
  3. Strategic Partnerships: Several partnership are strategic for the growth of Sciencia and its sustainability. Ensuring the right partnership with educational institutions and administration as our customers but also as a source of knowledge, of potentiel needs and as the primary actor of the scientific awakening we are striving for. The second critical partner is our suppliers. Creating the mutual beneficial relationship with our suppliers would provide us the best levers to grow sustainably by providing the right tools, equipment and components for all of our activities.

 Sciencia has created its first Scientific Leisure Center in Tunis by end 2014 as a proof of concept. Since then, we worked hard to secure these success factors. And thanks to them, we have been trusted by more than 140 families, 4 private schools and other organisations with their kids and youths, more than 250 kids in total and counting. Our return rate is high with a positive feedback of more than 85%.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

 We differentiate from the existing offers by different factors:

  • The scientific and technical content: Our objective is not occupying kids for few hours with technical stuff but our commitment for them to learn, understand and enjoy the practice of science and technology.
  • The quality of service and of environment during our activities. The comfort and the safety of the kids are very important to us compared to what exists and we strive to ensure that also in our projects and outputs.
  • The projects and contents design process is innovative. We created and implemented processes to ensure the consistency of the quality and the relevancy of our workshops, of the projects and other products. These processes are built around pedagogy, learning by doing, group management and innovation, including the actual surrounding and actualities as well as latest technical and scientific progress. 

Your business model

The revenue stream is based on monthly subscriptions for regular workshops (either internal or external) as well as attendance fees for intensive workshops during vacations. This is the main source of revenue.

The second source of revenue will be the selling of educational kits and other educational products derived from our expertise. 

A few words about your competitors

 Competitors can be categorized in 3 groups:

  • Youth leisure organizations: this category (sports, arts …) is competing with Sciencia over the attraction of the kids and their parents. Some of these organizations have also started activities around scientific leisure after the rise of Sciencia, however with mixed to negative results due to the complexity of such activities. However, this category could be a potential partner to Sciencia by providing complementary activities (scientific and non-scientific). This is the example of MyGym sport center which partner today with Sciencia to offer some scientific activities during vacations along their sport program for young kids. 
  • Popular science non-profit organization : These competitors are for few of them well-established in the market and some of them are quite recent still looking for a share. We differentiate Sciencia by its programs, its innovations and its quality of service, but the difference in fees make these competitor highly attractive. Some of them could also be partners but as of today, Sciencia is considered as a direct threat and no partnership has been established.
  • Scientific leisure companies : this group of competitors has raised since the start of Sciencia. Non existing in 2014 and 2015, we saw the emergence of several entities competing directly with Sciencia. Our competitive advantage still allow us to attract as well as to provide the best learning by doing experience. Sciencia has to grow to keep its market share and its competitive advantage.

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