: Job board with video interview capabilities

As Tech Lead, I combine in-depth expertise and vision in technology with product architecture, and business acumen to deliver accelerated enterprise-wide solutions on-time and on-budget. I further optimize results through the organization of, and collaboration with, high-performing technology engineering teams that deliver technically superior product architecture and software solutions that provide streamlined technological solutions. I strongly believe that human capital is paramount to a project’s success and therefore build and engage successful teams that nurture innovation, develop a forward thinking company culture, and exude cooperation and collaboration at every stage. Combined with expert knowledge on security, automation, content management systems, leading programming languages, project delivery, and business continuity, it has formed the strong foundation on which AdelphaTech has been built.

Link to online video (if available)

Your products and services 

Job board with video interview capabilities –

Your success factors 

We will be the first hiring platform in Africa that will provide the video interview capability to the employers. That will save them a great deal of time, money and efforts spent in the hiring process.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

Video interview capabilities available for job seekers regardless of their device and connection speed.

Your business model (how do you make money?)

Pay per video

Pay per job ad published on the site

Pay per resume received on the site

A few words about your competitors

None of our competitors have the video interview capability

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