ARADES: Social Marketing of Thermal baskets in Senegal


In 2012, Abibatou Banda FALL, founder, skilling her doctoral researchs to put it to the service of her community on the ground, created the Association for Research-Action Development and environment in the Sahel (ARADES) working with nine associations members. The organization implements initiatives on diverse issues including renewable energy, education, ICTs, food processing, re-use of plastic bags, arts and  needle crafts. One of these projects focused on creating thermal baskets in Senegal that enabled households to use less cooking fuel, produce less waste, and keep food hot or cold for 12 to over 24 hours.

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The Thermal Basket is manufacture of a low tech that enables households to use less cooking fuel, produce less waste, and keep food hot (or cold) for 12 to over 24 hours. ARADES implements this project throught a Marketing social to promote renewable energy, helps women in households in the area of domestic energy.

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Since 2012, ARADES did 80 thermal baskets and 50 households use the Senegalese thermal basket. The 30 other thermal baskets are gifts for our partners between, Dakar, Sine-Saloum, Saint-Louis, Thiès, Boston. With the publicity, the demand grows up, we got more than 200 demands.

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To reach out the project, ARADES  is in quest to find stakeholders who can assist this proejct to implement a manufacturing. It will focus broadly on how green technologies forms are used to engage women and youth in fighting climate change, contributing on health family and jobs. 

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In the  first months, ARADES would continue the thermal basket project in creating a manufacturing and will buy the materials. It will a place to meet all members associations of ARADES to develop and sell the thermal baskets.

The second month, ARADES will make two baskets per person per day by 100 employers. We will sell at least 21000 thermal baskets in 5 months and ten day and at the same time doing publicity and marketing to get the maximum of customers.

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We do not have competitors for now.

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