LOVICA : a GPS based mobile application that links patients and their families to doctors

LOVICA E-CARE was started by Hellen Odegi and later invited Dorcas Odegi. The idea came when I (Hellen Odegi) needed urgent after surgery care at home (in Nairobi, Kenya) and could not get any caregiver to come to my house to assist me with my medical needs.  I had to go through a painful process of being taken to the hospital almost on a daily basis for over two months for dressing and checkup which otherwise could have been done by a nurse or certified health professional at home.  

During this period I decided to create a solution that will help other patients and make their healing process more comfortable.  My goal was to make healthcare services more reachable and more inclusive.  

LOVICA is the name of the online platform and mobile App that we are creating to connect healthcare givers with patients. LOVICA will manage the database of the Healthcare givers ensuring they are vetted and capable.

Your products and services 

Our products is a GPS based mobile application that links patients and their families to doctors, nurses, home health caregivers, physiotherapists and other care that can be given at the comfort of their homes or anywhere where help is needed

Your success factors 

  • Reaching a target of 10,000  users of the mobile application or web application by the end of the 2nd year
  • Reducing the number of after surgery re-admissions by giving quality care to surgery patients after hospital stays
  • Entering a second market e.g Uganda
  • Partnering with government as an alternative to reaching remotely or ill-served areas of the country

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

We are introducing an online and smartphone model for getting healthcare services.  The application will allow patients to quickly connect to health care givers. The App is GPS and Location aware App thus dispatch will be quick and the nearest caregivers will be dispatched

Your business model  

Patients and Service providers will subscribe to the platform and pay a monthly charge as follows :

In Kenya USD 20 (Kshs 2,000) per visit. This rate was decided after determining that the current Rates per consultation in the preferred hospitals in capital city Nairobi is between Kshs 2,000 to Kshs 3,900.  Private consultants charge from Kshs 3,000 and above. 

A few words about your competitors

Our main competitors are traditional hospitals where patients have to go physically. For example the Nairobi Hospital Karen Hospital, Coptic Hospital, Kijabe Hospital and the Kenyatta National Hospital

Your website 


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