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Justus Edet is an ex-blogger, serial entrepreneur, and a creative web designer. He started IOUMoney after reading negative comments on Facebook about “getting loan online without collateral in Nigeria“. When people don’t really believe it works or in other words perceived it as a new scam online, Justus thought it would be nice to research, filter and launched a platform that house only trusted and reliable lenders for borrowers to choose from. And since the directory is review-based, loan providers are rated from experience rather than speculation on social media.

Your products and services 

Best online directory to find & discover reliable loan providers in Nigeria & Africa! Discover where to get salary advance to solve personal problem before payday. No collateral required. More than 20 trusted money lenders in 27 categories with 100+ reviews.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

IOUMoney remain the first Africa Online Directory for Loan Providers. We are only competing with Jasmine Directory and Financial Web operating outside Africa.

Your business model 

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A few words about your competitors

Currently in Africa, there is no competitor yet. The only one a bit close is TopCheck, but they are fully a price comparison platform.

Your website 

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