The Jokelinks Clothing Limited: Creation of Weaving Schools in Africa

I am an entrepreneur who is able to bring concepts and ideas alive through mastery of yarn, thread and loom. I have the right attitude, a lifetime experience and skills to train people to have a career in weaving and help contribute to the socio-economic development of Nigeria.

The Jokelinks Clothing Limited, its offshoot, The Jokelinks Weaving School, as is customary of most successful global textile companies are a bequeathal- the legacy of several generations of Cloth-weavers, fashion enthusiasts, tailors, designers and business people in the family.

Established in 2015 after almost a life-time of apprenticeship from her mother, this brainchild of Adejoke Lasisi, an Economics graduate is a deviation from the old methods of weaving in Nigeria Africa.

Traditionally, African weaves are heavy and are not attractive in modern day fashion trend. Aside this, the designs are monotonous and cannot withstand the level of competition in today’s world of varieties in fashion. Jokelinks after many years of studying trends and experimenting with patterns and designs came up with the innovation of finding a very rare type of thin, light and durable loom to weave thereby solving the problem of heaviness that was consistent with the traditional method. With this disruptive discovery, we have started a renaissance in the weaving division of the textile sector by our solution where the traditional blends with the conventional.

This discovery, apart from revolutionizing the ways African attires like Etuu, Alaari, Sanyan etc. are made. It also made possible the use of handlooms to make western apparels like suits, jackets, trousers, waistcoats, mufflers, shoes and bags.

Consequent upon our innovation, it became necessary to let other industry practitioners and weaving enthusiasts learn about it and so, the Jokelinks Weaving School was birthed. Contrary to opinions in some quarters that opening the school is tantamount to exposing our trade secrets and differentials, the textile industry is on where knowledge is not hoarded but shared.

Opening the school also upholds our vision of ‘‘establishing and developing thread technology to provide preferable and affordable products that meet local and international needs and standards through efficient production mechanisms’’.

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Your products and services 

Jokelinks Clothing Limited is a manufacturing company which promotes cultural heritage through the use of Handloom for the training and production of clothing as well as for both the local and international market. The company blends tradition and modern arts of clothing to create various products

Your success factors 

Jokelinks Clothing Limited was born out of the need to see things done and well in the textile industry. In our little above a year of existence, we have trained over 20 youths during our workshop training and our classes. We have also made all kinds of clothing apparels for hundreds of clients of all social and financial strata of the society with the Jokelinks touch of excellence and professionalism.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

  •  Unique Patterns.
  •  Training the next generation of weavers (Career opportunities).
  • Customer-centric  orders.

Your business model (how do you make money?)

Our main revenue streams are 

  • Sales of asooke and its accessories.
  • Workshops.
  • Weaving classes.
  • Sales of handlooms

A few words about your competitors

 Our major competitors in the sales of asooke are Heritage Asooke, Bimms24 Asooke, Needles and Threads Asooke, Sunmade Textile Ltd, and some Asooke sellers at Oje market Ibadan, Oyo state. However, we do not have a major competitor in the weaving school and this has given us an edge over our competitors in the sales of Asooke.

Your website 

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