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 Aquaponics is a combination of hydroponics and aquaculture. Simply put, it’s the growing of plants and rearing of fish in the same space.

Aquaponics presents an integrated farming system whereby; waste from fish is used as fertilizer for plants and plants purify the water by removing the nutrients increasing oxygen concentration. Waste from fish contains nutrients which are essential for plant growth.

IGF uses this form of technology to curb Unsustainable agricultural and aquaculture practices which present the greatest immediate threat to species and ecosystems around the world.

OUR MISSION : “It is our mission to partner with nature by combining the principles of aquaponics and permaculture to bring our customers the freshest, healthiest, chemical-free produce on the planet.”

HEALTHY : Aquaponically grown produce is made by replicating river and lake ecosystems in a controlled environment thereby creating a living ecosystem that produces incredibly delicious, fresh, vibrant, pure vegetables and fish, all while having a minimal impact on the environment.

SUSTAINABLE : Greenhouses local to the people who enjoy their products ensures optimum growing conditions for fresh local food production and vast reduction of travel time, distribution and fuel costs. This promotes food security, food sovereignty, and reconnects people again with the source of their food and the people who grow it.

IGF aquaponics farm systems combine two circulatory systems in a unique and environmentally friendly way, working cost-efficiently and successfully. The sustainable production and excellent-quality food is on-trend and impressive to consumers everywhere.

If you are interested in your own farm, we analyze the location, your project idea and capital with the aim of creating a competitive, job-promoting and safe farm system that is economically feasible as well as socially and environmentally kind. A farm system that can be used profitably for years to come.

Today, we support projects – from their planning to their construction and the turnkey handover of the customized farm system – and we are excited about every new project.

we have created the ideal entry point for you to have your project idea expertly assessed. Our appraisal at the project location and estimations of the project-specific building and operating costs as well as the potential sales turnover of your proposed site serves as a financially attractive decision-making basis for the next steps.

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