How to Lose Weight – Best Ways to Lose Weight Fast

How Can You Lose Weight Fast?

Losing excess body fat is a goal for millions of individuals worldwide. However, only a small percentage of obese people attain weight loss goals. This is owing to a lack of proper analysis of the root cause of obesity and failure to pick the appropriate method for battling obesity. People gain excess body fat for several reasons, including genetics, lifestyle, a side effect of ailments, etc. Not all weight loss methods can be helpful for an obese person. Besides, trying to lose fat quickly may backfire sometimes.

Why Should You Not Hurry About Losing Excess Fat?

You may have seen ads for weight loss supplements or diets promising drastic weight loss in less than a month or even a few weeks! The lure of such ads is hard to resist. However, health and diet experts caution obese people not to get affected by such brands and their offerings. The risks of using such quick weight-loss products should be noticed.

These so-called rapid weight loss diets and pills help you lose muscle mass and not so much fat mass. So, you may regain weight after losing it quickly when you use such products. Veteran health coach Connie Bennett says it is essential for anyone willing to lose excess fat to retain lean muscle. When you lose muscle mass fast, the metabolism process in the body is impacted adversely. Those people also experience a boost in appetite, studies have shown. So, they are subjected to hunger pangs more often, making them more prone to regaining weight.

It makes more sense to lose weight more controlled and gradually. This will help you retain the weight loss for a long time, and you will be able to avoid any side effects afterward.

Some Effective Ways to Lose Excess Weight in a Sustainable Manner

  • Focus on Lifestyle, And Diet Changes for Long Term- Health experts’ advice against focusing too much on the term diet. When you condition your mind to adhere to a specific diet, it usually keeps thinking of food and cravings. This makes things harder for you. So, you can set the focus on making healthy changes in lifestyle and eating habits that promote weight loss and help boost overall well-being. Apart from eating healthy foods and eliminating high-fat and junk foods, it would help if you cut down on smoking and boozing.
  • A Step-By-Step Approach- Not every fat person is equally obese. So, their weight loss goals may be different. Set a step-by-step goal for losing excess weight. This helps things be more realistic and easier to achieve. Even if you plan to shed 30 pounds, divide this target into a few stages. For the first stage, let the target be losing 5 pounds. Once you achieve that, target the next 10 pounds. Bennett also supports this method for losing weight, saying losing approx. 10% of total body weight helps in lowering the risks of serious ailments.
  • Control Sugar Craving- many obese people who try to shed extra pounds find the hurdle in craving sweet and sugary foods! They feel like gorging on sweet delicacies like pastries, donuts, candies, etc. Health experts suggest staying away from foods laden with artificial sugar and syrups. You can instead gorge on sweet and dry fruits when hit by sugary food cravings. Do not pick ready-to-drink fruit juices as they contain high amounts of sugar. Make fruit juice at home without adding sugar as an alternative.
  • Eat More Vegetables And Fruits- To lose weight safely and sustainably, include more vegetables and fruits in your diet. Fruits and veggies rich in fiber will help you stay full longer, thereby significantly cutting down hunger pangs. You can also include these in breakfast and snacks.
  • Drink Enough Water- Research has shown that drinking plenty of water can help people shed weight more effectively- regardless of ethnicity and age group. It also helps in curbing appetite. You can cope with sugar cravings better when you drink plenty of water. Jordan Morello, a noted celebrity trainer from Florida, advises drinking 8 ounces of water every day, approximately 8 times. Also, you can drink a glass of water before heavy meals.
  • Do Not Skip Breakfast- Do not make the error of skipping your breakfast if losing excess weight is crucial. Several studies have shown how skipping breakfast can make it harder for people to shed excess fat. However, ensure that you include the right food in your breakfast. Exclude sugary dishes and contain healthy fats and protein-rich foods.
  • Say Bye to a Sedentary Lifestyle- Health and fitness experts say you must avoid leading a sedentary lifestyle to lose weight quickly. Walk more and make body movements rather than using conveniences like using elevators. Stop the urge to use your car for small commutes. These small activities help your body in burning calories more effectively.
  • Cut down on TV Addiction- Cutting down on TV watching can be helpful to shed excess fat, say the experts. When you are addicted to watching TV shows and soaps, losing weight becomes more arduous. You make fewer movements overall per day. Besides, watching TV for long fuels the tendency to indulge in binge eating. These two factors make it more tedious to shed the extra pounds.
  • Indulge in Activities to Burn Fat- Not every obese person gets enough time to hit the gyms, owing to their schedules and other compulsions. However, they can find other activities to burn more calories. Examples include taking your dog for a walk every day and swimming.
  • Get Enough Sleep- If you are not getting enough sleep, that can lead to weight gain. Try altering your lifestyle or sleeping place to get better sleep.

Wrapping It Up

Losing excess weight is possible when you know the proper methods. Instead of using weight loss pills or trying a crash diet, make simple and effective changes to your eating habits and lifestyle. You will also gain by setting phase-wise weight loss goals.


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