Scandin-Africa : the trade bridge between Scandinavia and Africa

Madeleine TAYLOR MENDY, born and raised in Paris, originally coming from Guinea Bissau. Moved for a professional reason to Copenhagen in 2005.
Scandin-Africa Group ApS, trade bridge between Scandinavian and African based companies has been founded in 2015, after an observation made on the African continent potential and history vs. the Scandinavian countries assets.

The first has all the riches and raw materials to be the author of its development and the second has a thriving range of leading companies, deeply rooted in the innovations of this “millennium”.

Your products and services, as the unique network for linking Scandinavian and African entrepreneurs, responds to this need for renewal by bringing Africa into contact with Nordic countries at the forefront of innovation, notably in ICT, renewable energies and processing of agricultural products.

Your success factors 

I’ve been created the first trade bridge.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

With Digital technology driving the development of this century, Nordic companies with their expertise and their FinTech ecosystem can propel Africa’s technological innovation with its more than 850 million mobile holders.

Denmark, a country where I lived more than ten years, is about to become a cashless country, supported by a FinTech culture that does not spare neighbouring countries. Sweden is the third largest FinTech hub in Europe, while Finland is a world leader in electronic invoicing. A management model that would be a plus for our African governments that are trying to end corruption that is undermining our administrations. I would also add that this model is part of the plan of emergence of some countries of West and Central Africa which aim to become a hub of the digital economy.

Your business model

B2B : Access fees to the platform from 600€ to 1.200€ (Upload opportunities, Find new customers, Find target groups, Reach decision-makers, Matching, Advertising, Leads Marketing, Statistics and Report)

B2B : Consulting fees for distribution of exclusive Scandinavian brands/Products in Western and Central African countries (Lumigon, DAHL Mobile, Amazing Jewelry, etc)
B2B : Consulting fees for implementation of « Smart » Solutions in Africa

A few words about your competitors

I do not have in Scandinavia, yet

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