MooExams: The interactive tool to help pupils in their preparation for exams.

Christian Yves Fongang was born and raised in Cameroon. He has a BA in I.T and Networking. He first Co-founded SDK Africa in mid 2012 which was specialized in Augmented reality and Mobile Apps, and has focus on B2B. The outstanding quality of work provided by his team and himself led them to win the award for “Excellence in the Management of Technologies” category for Emerging Enterprises in November 2013. In August 2014, they won the Awards of Innovative Technology in Cameroon, price given by the National Agency for Information and Communication Technologies.

After realizing the lack of quality contents for Africa in all mobile stores, SDK Games Africa was created in mid-2015 and aims to provide the best mobile gaming and problems solving experience based on Africa content and living style. Our Ambition in the next 5 years will be to become the leader on African Mobile content for the African Continent.

With Africa being one of the fastest growing smartphone market, we thought of MooExams as a tool to take advantage of that growth while boosting Africa education. So MooExams is an interactive mobile platform studying tool to help pupils prepare for their exams. It also assists parents in monitoring closely their children’s learning activities.

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Your products and services 

MooExams is a platform that provide pupils with an interactive revision tool. For its’ first release, each course is build according to the local educational system (for the launch, we focus on Cameroon; but we plan to extend soon to French African countries, and then the whole African continent) and provided by local teachers.  Each course is organized by levels and topics and consists of multiple choices questions with clear explanations with intends to allow the pupils to always learn something. The system is intelligent and able to detect in a course, topics where a pupil doesn’t perform well and boost it.

MooExams keeps record of pupils’ performances for review and can be automatically send to parents   

Your success factors 

  • Strategic partnerships with mobile operator across the continent.
  • Quality content provided by experience teachers.
  • Affordability for mass acceptance.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

  • We have a good knowledge of innovative technologies and a way to simplify them for mass use acceptance in Africa.
  • Always thinking ahead, the next version of MooExams will integrate technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual reality to bring immersion and more engagement in the educational content.

Your business model (how do you make money?)

  • MooExams will be free for download with limited contents and functionalities for free users
  • We’ll used targets adverts to generate revenue
  • We’ll offer affordable monthly subscriptions to premium users. We’ll focus on keeping the cost very low and accessible to a huge market.
  • We’ll start with Cameroon, then French Speaking African countries and expand to South Africa and the rest of the continent with regionalize contents.

A few words about your competitors

As we are getting ready to launch MooExams in January 2017, we are aware of couple of projects:

  • Sukuloo which is tool focusing on monitoring pupils progress. This tool seems to be mainly build with parents in mind.
  • com is a web platform which claim to be a social network for education, meaning everyone can register for free and ask for help to anyone. They also sharing videos tutorials. The platform doesn’t yet take work on smartphone
  • Teachmepad is a project not yet launched. But from what we know, the project will focus on providing local made educational tablet with contents. So to take advantage of the educational content provided, a user must first invest in the hardware.  

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