Flitpay : a 5 minute long integration API to accept payment via mobile money

 We are French, German and Cameroonian. We were in high school together in Yaounde (Cameroon) and we went to France after high school to study different things : informatics/Electronics, Market finance and Financial risk management . But it’s during our student’s life that our relationship has grown even stronger. Both of founders where roommate in a room of 10 square meters during their first year in France.

We grew in Cameroon with merchants parents. One of our parent tried (5 years ago) to launch a platform to book a travel online but there were no way to accept payment on line for some countries in Africa. Today there is mobile money but it’s very difficult to pay on web. That’s why we decided to connect this kind of money to internet easier than ever before.

Your products and services 

Mobile money is a service in which the mobile phone is used to access financial services.

We build a 5-minute-long integration API that connects mobile money operators between them and allows merchants to accept payment on their website from people who are unbanked (via mobile money) in emerging countries.

We also want to plug this API to our own EPT. This process will allow everyone to use our system.

Your success factors 

Our tool aims to facilitate  the handling as well by beginners as by Web experts. So thanks to our innovation, to integrate a module of online payment will never have been so fast.

Thanks to its flexibility, its reactivity and its multiplatforms adaptability, his distribution has no limits.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

On average in Africa you have at least 3 mobile money operators. So to sell something in your shop you need 3 different mobiles phones at least. Moreover, if you want to sell online, you should integrate 3 APIs. We are connecting all mobile money operators between them and to internet.

Stripe is a success because it’s simple. If we want our solution to be a success, we need to keep it simple. We don’t ask for any caution, any document just a bank account and an ID card. We also think that educate the people will be very important and that the local business are the main springboard to develop our solution, not business outside. We can imagine our solution plugged on a physical cash box with.

Your business model

 We want our solution to be simple, free to install and integrate like Stripe. We will take up to 3 percent fees (3%) on each transaction. The market value is about $ 300 billion dollars. We plan to catch up at least 8% next years, about $ 15 billion dollars.

A few words about your competitors

 Our competitors are others startups which provide API for mobile money. There are Wecashup (Startup) and others startups in Africa. The market is very fragmented due to the number of mobile money operators in each country. We are not afraid of them.

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