Dropque: The new technology that makes recruitment a breeze for HR


Dropque’s founders are a band of brothers who intensely felt the pain of both Candidates and Employers in the early stages of the recruitment process and decided to use technology to make the process, simple, effective and efficient in terms of time and cost. The idea was born from the hours of travel and numerous multiple interviews we went through in the job search that wasted money and time for both candidates and employers.

Your products and services:

Dropque is a simple to use one way video interviewing tool that lets Employers make quick decisions about Candidates earlier by watching their video responses to interview questions.

Your success factors:

We have a strong team that brings to bear experience and insights in the job board space, in data driven solutions and web rtc technologies as well as in human centered design. 

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

We believe in simplicity over large feature sets. Dropque has an extremely low learning curve as you can get into our system and interview anyone within 1 minute. Not only that we are also priced affordably for Small and Medium Businesses

Your business model (how do you make money?)

We make money via the traditional Software-As-A-Service model through monthly and annual subscriptions for access to Dropque.

A few words about your competitors

Our major competitors are Hirevue which has raised a total of $93 million dollars and has expanded into corporate learning products in addition to their main One way interview

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