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What led me to become an entrepreneur is the zeal of being able to do what I love, the opportunity to control my destiny, freedom to spend my time doing what is important to me. I was unhappy about the limitations for growth at my then-current-job, and I had a really clear and compelling vision of how I could serve clients in a way I did not see them being served, I love helping people become who they most want to be and being able to use my strength and passion to make larger impact in the world and helping my continent clarify and move toward their hope-for-future.

Your products and services :

We offer services for wide range of print medias, publishers and provide quality papers of different sizes and gramages for printing needs. An online platform is in would be in place that would enable orders to be made, and we also engage in recycling activities.

Your success factors 

We are also focused on packing all waste papers and boards from factories, warehouses, schools and immediate environment for recycling into other finished products. For example, tissue papers, egg baskets, cartons… for consumers use. This we have already started in the industrial area of Mushin, we have plans to extend it to other parts of Lagos State and even the country as a whole. 

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

We are not just concerned with profit making alone, we are also environmental friendly.

We offer our clients varieties of quality printing paper products to choose from at lower price plus prompt and timely delivery of the ordered products to our customers due to the advent of the online ordering platform, this makes us way too ahead of our competitors.

Your business model (how do you make money?) 

Revenue streams- revenue is been made from the sales of our products and also from services rendered to clients. 


Our customer segments wants to be reached through a fast track medium i.e Transportation by road immediately after making their orders.

And the the customers are reached now by delivering through motor vehicle to them at their door step most especially for customers at far distance, but most nearby customers walk in through the door, make their order and carry their stocks.

Value Proposition

The value we deliver to our customers are prompt delivery of the ordered products, provides quality printing papers of different sizes and grams for addressing printing needs. We have simplified the purchase and ordering processes to our client by rendering technological services that would eliminate the manual steps used by traditional paper stores.

The customers problems we are helping to solve are providing them with quality printing papers in lieu of the inferior ones, making orders online and our prompt delivery services which has brought convenience to our clients.

We provide offset and woodfree printing papers of different sizes and grams made from renewable natural resources for our customers and our products are bond papers, off white papers, art and matt cards , carbonless papers, bank papers, thermal roll papers amongst others.

The needs of customers we are satisfying are 1. ease in procurement of their quality printing materials 2. Giving adequate advice on the brands and quality that would suite their printing needs.

Customer Segments

We are creating value for our customers (printers, print medias, publisher, educational institutions, religious institutions, corporations, individuals and environment)

Our most important customer are the printers

Customer Relationships

Our customers expect timely delivery, adequate feedback to their complaint, speed and efficiency, professionalism in our operations.

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