Design Kwetu : a pallet woodwork startup in Uganda

The founders Winyi Patrick and Silas Byakutaaga studied Civil Engineering &  Architecture at University respectively. Having been great friends while at University it was a great honor to work together after school to make various wood products.

“The idea came from the opportunity that I and my business partner, Silas Byakutaaga shared a house while at University Of  Dar – Es – Salaam. We had our mattresses on Pallets and also sat on Pallets as we watched Soccer and other Tv programs. When we got back home and jobs were scarce to find we used our ingenuity to create wood works that in turn we would sell and make some money off”, explains Winyi Patrick

Your products and services 

  • Pallet beds
  • Pallet chairs
  • Wooden Beds
  • Wooden Bow – Ties 
  • Chopping Boards
  • Pallet Boardrooms
  • Pallet Coffee Tables

Your success factors 

Feedback from customers and communication to clients through Email & Phone-calls 

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

We provide different ways to recycle wood, especially pallets & other old building materials like iron sheets

Your business model  

We simply build and innovate wooden concepts. Most of the clients come in wanting custom made items so it’s easy to advertise since they are able to have a personal fill of what is built from scratch.

We also make wooden chopping boards, and wooden -Bowties that customers can access at “The Kona “ shop, Bukoto street.

A few words about your competitors

We do not have many competitors and if they are their mode of operation is different from us as we try to reuse materials like pallets & also blend in designs like rustic looks.

Your website

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