IV Drip alert : an automatic device to monitor fluid administration

The idea came when I was with my brother in the hospital and  I left the room. When I came back I saw blood into the IV line and I was very scared for what happened but when I asked, the nurses told me that is very dangerous and this can lead patient to air embolism, swollen sometimes when there is infection can cause cancer, and from there I started to think what can I do which can be able to deliver fluid and alert when fluid is finished in the bag and be able to detect air in the line and other errors, is in that time i came up with idea of IV Drip alert.

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Your products and services 

My product is an automatic device which will monitor fluid administration.

Your success factors 

Just building and developing device but about creating impactful/valuable solutions for our societies. Society is our motivation.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

With the innovation of that device, the healthcare will be on the next stage which will be benefit to many nurses, patients and this will be accurate, efficiency and affordable to all. Before there were many problems because of the manually system used to monitor fluid administration and deliver fluid which is very easy to commit errors.

Your business model  

I will make money in selling my devices and when there is components need to be replaced, the customer will have to come back to me because no other components will be compatible with that one.

A few words about your competitors

My competitors are also good but their products need to be connected to electricity and they are also big and can not be moved, require much power and they are expensive. For alerting issue they can not alert to the nurses room directly.

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