Jwebi: the new startup that help you send your parcels to Africa

We are 2 cofounders, born and raised in Tunisia, and living in France for more than 10 years.

Asma is the CEO of Jwebi and worked as a product manager in France and in the US before launching Jwebi. Bayrem is the CTO and he is an IT engineer who is working as a technical director in a big french retailer.

Jwebi was inspired by the solidarity running in countries of Africa, where people are sending mails and parcel using travelers’ spare luggage space. Indeed, we estimate that 90 % of the African Diaspora in Europe is using informal techniques to send their goods abroad. And when we look at the prices practiced by the classic carriers, it is understandable: 140€ for a letter in express from Paris to Tunis, up to 250€ towards Ivory Coast. And if it is cheaper, the delivery delay can be from 2 weeks, to months.

To save money, African people living abroad usually go at the airport, asking directly travelers for help. They also post messages on social media to see if family or friends can help them. This solution might sometimes be helpful but most of the time, senders remain frustrated and cannot send their parcels, or even their letters/documents.

Our purpose is to help these people and to make their life easier. Sending goods has become a load of stress.

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Your products and services 

Jwebi is a collaborative platform that connects travelers/drivers with spare luggage space, with people who want to send a mail or a parcel abroad, quickly and at a lower cost.

Jwebi also allows to find travelers to buy products abroad. Jwebi’s services are called crowdshipping and crowdshopping.

It’s a win-win situation because consumers get their items delivered rapidly and at a lower cost, and drivers/travelers get extra cash that help them optimize the cost of their travel;

Your success factors 

Jwebi makes it easier to send stuff rapidly and at a lower cost.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

 – Jwebi is not only a crowdshipping platform but also a crowdshopping one.

–  Jwebi is offering a free insurance.

– A service called ” Un ami paye pour moi” enables people to ask their frriends to pay if they don’t have an international credit card.

Your business model (how do you make money?)

Every traveler who accepts a task on Jwebi is paid a bonus by the sender. Tarvelers and senders freely negociate the terms of the deal. To make things easier, Jwebi recommends a bonus, according to various criteria such as the nature of the object, its size or its weight. This price can be validated or modified by the sender.

Jwebi is taking 19.2% on the bonus gained by the traveler and 11,2 % on the bonus paid by the sender.

A few words about your competitors

 The crowdshipping market grew rapidly for the last 2 years and the number of competitors is increasing. Our main competitors are:

– PiggyBee, a Belgian start-up

– Cocolis, a French start-up 

Jwebi is the only platform that enables people to send and buy stuff abroad. Jwebi is also the only platform that is targeting Africa.

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